Trump blurts out stunning admission about election loss

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Top Stories for July 25:

Trump says GOP lost Senate after his “rigged” election gripes discouraged voters

Gee, if only Trump had told Trump this might happen before he sabotaged his own party. Oh well!

Matt Gaetz and Marjorie Taylor Greene fundraising tour is a bust
Gaetz and Greene teamed up to form a joint fundraising committee, but in the past two months they’ve spent four times as much money as they’ve brought in.

Take Action: Demand Marjorie Taylor Greene resign or be expelled from Congress!

Texas Democrats FINALLY dish on Manchin conversation

No Lie with Brian Tyler Cohen: About time.

Donald Trump thinks Cleveland’s baseball team should keep its racist name
“If I were an Indian, I’d sue!”

Biden administration buying more vaccine doses for kids and possible boosters
The federal government is exercising a clause in its contract with Pfizer to buy 200 million more doses of the COVID-19 vaccine, including for children under 12 if and when the FDA gives the green light and to prepare for the possibility of booster shots.

Take Action: Tell Congress to pass Biden’s infrastructure plan to create jobs and finally rebuild America!

Biden’s DHS Secretary says Trump helps “create a space” for domestic terrorism

You think?

Take Action: Tell President Biden: No new oil and gas leases on public lands!

Permanent residents who left the US during the pandemic worry they can’t come home
Legal immigrants are navigating a range of complex situations as they try to return to jobs and families and homes — and finding their paths blocked by the pandemic and the major disruptions to the immigration system and global travel that it caused.

Take Action: Add your name to call for EVERY STATE to expand Medicaid to those who need it!

Richard Ojeda DESTROYS Republican leader Kevin McCarthy in 60 seconds

No Dem Left Behind: Finally someone put the seditious Republican in his place

Montana man’s casual chat with vacationing Tucker Carlson caught on video: “You are the worst human being”
To be fair, he is pretty awful.

Democrats demand $34 billion for global vaccine equity funding in reconciliation package
With global cases surging, rich governments face growing pressure to take bolder steps to address what critics have called “vaccine apartheid.”

Take Action: Add your name to expand Medicare – lower the age and improve the benefits!

French protesters march against vaccine mandates and passes
NOT only in America, apparently.

Comedian exposes how dumb the “Critical Race Theory” panic is during local school board meeting
Comedian Walter Masterson trolled a local school board meeting in New York and the results did not disappoint.


Yes. Seriously.


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