Trump melts down as Supreme Court kills election heist

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Top Stories for December 12:

After Supreme Court refuses to hear his bogus election fraud case, Trump stands up his own Christmas party and rage tweets in pathetic display

The Supreme Court — with no public dissents — promptly rejected the lawsuit brought by Texas and joined by Trump and other Republican-led states, seeking to have the election results overturned in four battleground states. The outgoing Oval Office occupant responded by melting down.

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VIDEO OF THE DAY: Trump lawyers have delusional reaction to bombshell Supreme Court ruling against the defeated president

Trump saw an opportunity to skirt the rules and subvert the Constitution, hoping for an easy win in the court he just packed, but not one justice publicly dissented in the ruling to refuse the case.

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Judge HUMILIATES trump campaign in Nevada

No Lie with Brian Tyler Cohen: It doesn’t get worse than this.

FDA authorizes Pfizer vaccine for emergency use, major first step toward bringing pandemic to end
3 million residents of long-term care facilities and 21 million health care workers on the front lines could start receiving doses as early as next week.

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Trump appears to acknowledge Biden’s win in cryptic tweet
The president’s bizarre appeal to the Supreme Court sparked a firestorm of glee and incredulity.

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White House threatened FDA chief to authorize Pfizer vaccine or be ousted
The outgoing president’s threat is the latest instance of the White House putting undue political pressure on health officials making decisions based on science. The FDA was already expected to OK the vaccine over the weekend, but Trump corrupted the process for no apparent reason.

State Department watchdog steps down — the third to do so under Pompeo — after investigation into the secretary’s wife’s travel habits
The majority of trips taken by Sec. Pompeo’s wife, Susan, over a two-year period took place without written approval from the State Dept., despite the fact they were considered official travel and paid for by the US government.

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House Dem asks Pelosi to sanction GOP lawmakers backing election lawsuit
Rep. Bill Pascrell Jr. asked Democratic leadership to both sanction Republicans and not seat incoming conservatives who are backing anti-democratic efforts to overturn election results in Trump’s favor, citing provisions in the Constitution outlining that a person cannot serve in Congress if they have “engaged in insurrection or rebellion against” the Constitution or the country.

AOC torches Republican Rep. after he sends deeply inappropriate tweet to Biden
The childish rudeness that the Trumper showed the President-elect struck a nerve with the Democratic firebrand.

Website targeting US election officials draws attention of intelligence agencies
The harassment campaign against US election officials following Trump’s defeat took an ominous turn after a website surfaced that accused them of “treason” and included photographs and home addresses.

Senate passes defense bill with veto-proof majority, setting up showdown with lame-duck Trump
The outgoing president has vowed to reject the bill because it doesn’t include his last-minute demand to repeal legal protections for social media companies.



Yes. Seriously.


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