Trump paid fake Obama to belittle, fire him on video

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Top Stories for September 6:

Michael Cohen claims Trump once hired a fake Obama so he could belittle and “fire” him on video

The president’s ex-lawyer released a photo that appears to prove the most explosive allegation against Trump since the Access Hollywood tape.

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Leaked DHS draft document: White supremacists are greatest terror threat
The Trump administration has not published the documents, which don’t even mention his antifa straw man.

No Lie with Brian Tyler Cohen: Trump’s big lie about “law and order” exposed
Listen to how one Minnesota jail blows a hole in everything Trump claims about the laws of the land.

Trump-nominated postal service board member pushed Black Lives Matter conspiracy theories
John Barger called the movement “violent” and said it had nothing to do with race, in exchanges on LinkedIn.

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Several boats sink at at Trump’s boat parade
At least we still have poetic justice.

Zuckerberg’s claimed Facebook removed militia event planning to kill Kenosha protesters, but the event was removed by the group itself *after* two people were killed
Despite Facebook’s claims of innocence, it is openly aiding and abetting white supremacist violence.

Daniel Prude case to go to grand jury, after accusations of a cover-up
The cops who killed a Rochester Black man may yet have their day in court.

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Fact-checking Trump’s claims that he ‘called home’ to Melania during 2018 foreign trip she was on
CNN fact-checkers exposed the obvious lie behind the president’s pitiful excuses for his disrespect for the military.

Anti-BLM militia clashes with racial justice protesters in Louisville on Derby Day
The police ignored the white supremacist and continued to focus on Black people.

81 Nobel laureates endorse Biden for president
The acclaimed scientists cited the former vice president’s “willingness to listen to experts” and his “deep appreciation for using science to find solutions.”

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