Trump proposes “president for life” in chilling speech

Let the Michigan father Trump deported come back home to his family!

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Trump and Xi

Trump says he’d like to “take a shot” at being president for life in chilling remarks
He saw the Chinese president’s power grab, and finally admitted what we’ve feared all along.


A four star general issues a warning about Trump that cannot be ignored
His dire words are setting off the alarms.

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Melania and Trump

Trump publicly humiliates Melania in speech at annual Gridiron Club dinner
His remark left America stunned.

Stephen King issues an urgent message that America’s cannot ignore
The king of horror is done playing nice with the corrupt president and his party.

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Trump tweets a bombshell threat to Europe in the first blows of his trade war
The President’s unilateral declaration of a trade war has him foaming at the mouth as he tries a new distraction to draw attention away from his disastrous administration.

A Florida middle school teacher gets caught in a white supremacy scandal
She tried to use a fake name, but it all came crashing down.

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Resistance Merch

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Sunday Funnies:

Trump Comic

Obama gun joke

Trump running into danger joke

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