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The Washington Post’s Perry Bacon determined that the mythical red wave was stopped by voters rallying around progressive activists who pushed President Biden to FINALLY abandon Democrats’ failed, decades-long move-to-the-center strategy and embrace a winning plan to improve lives. So yeah, you better f’ing believe we’re thankful for you this year!

Top Stories for November 24:

Writer who accused Trump of 1990s rape files new lawsuit

E. Jean Carroll filed new legal papers after New York temporarily lifted the state’s usual deadlines for suing over sexual assault. Carroll, who has for decades steadfastly and consistently stood by her very credible claims of being raped by Trump, sought unspecified compensatory and punitive damages from the disgraced ex-president for pain and suffering, psychological harms, dignity loss, and reputation damage.

Take Action: Charge Trump with contempt of Congress!

Trump’s ex-lawyer Jenna Ellis says Colorado victims reaping consequences of “eternal damnation”
No biggie. Just one of Trump’s former “best people” casually damning to hell forever the not-yet-buried, very innocent victims from last weekend’s horrific, hate-fueled massacre in Colorado Springs.

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Top prosecutor issues BRUTAL news for Trump over special counsel

No Lie with Brian Tyler Cohen: Wow.

Georgia high court allows Saturday voting for Senate runoff
Republican efforts to further disenfranchise Georgia’s voters were met with defeat in a unanimous, one-sentence ruling, which will allow thousands to cast their votes and hopefully re-elect Democratic Sen. Raphael Warnock to a full term.

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Club Q murderer’s dad says he taught his son to hate gays and is unbothered by the mass murder because “I’m a conservative Republican”
In a deeply disturbing interview, the deranged father of the Colorado Springs mass shooter revealed the tired, predictable, Republican motivation for their hateful violence, while a friend of the killer refuted the murderer’s questionable claims of being non-binary.

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Trump blasts Supreme Court over damning tax return ruling after a tough day in 3 other courts

The disgraced ex-president is having a very unhappy Thanksgiving after the high court unanimously handed his tax returns to Congress just one day after three other courts signaled additional serious legal blows were forthcoming.

Club Q hero is viciously attacked online by right-wing extremists
Richard Fierro, the Army veteran who bravely stopped the Colorado Springs mass shooting that left five dead, is being smeared online by the far right with homophobic slurs for simply attending an LGBTQ establishment. It’s almost like this appalling violence was their desired outcome and now they must punish him for stopping it.

Watch Major Richard Ojeda TEAR APART the Republican worldview

OD Action Partner: Religious Republicans!? Come on! Time to put that fairy tale to rest. But Republicans are committed to a code of conduct that guides their every motivation. I reveal to you the 10 Republican Commandments.

Justice Department asks Pence to testify in Trump investigation
The disgraced ex-vice president has been called upon to testify against the man whose boots he once licked. Pence has previously said that he would not testify, setting up yet another legal showdown between the Justice Department and one of Trump’s erstwhile henchmen.

Tax records show Herschel Walker claims residency in Texas — not Georgia where he’s running for Senate
It turns out Dr. Oz is not the only laughably awful GOP Senate candidate to have a residency scandal hit him at the worst possible time.

GOP loser who lost election for Arizona AG sues over losing
Abe Hamadeh, who lost his election by just 510 votes, is asking a judge to refuse to certify the election results because, generously paraphrasing, “that’s not fair” and “I was supposed to win.” The secretary of state’s office responded by saying (direct quote) they believe “the lawsuit is legally baseless and factually speculative.”

Department of Justice opens investigation into real estate tech company accused of collusion with landlords
In yet another example of how the capitalist class is conspiring with each other to extort as much as they possibly can from the working class, the DOJ’s antitrust division is probing whether a “rent-setting software” made by a Texas-based real estate tech company is facilitating collusion among landlords. “We are concerned that the use of this rate setting software essentially amounts to a cartel to artificially inflate rental rates in multifamily residential buildings,” said three senators who pushed for the probe with a letter earlier this month.


Extry, extry, read all about it!

What in the wide wide world of sports?!?


Today’s Action: Give thanks, while acknowledging the history of Thanksgiving!

Here at OD Action, we could not be more thankful for you — our community. We’re in constant awe and appreciation for the actions that you take on a monthly, weekly, and daily basis to fight for justice and equality, and we’re honored to be at your side on this journey to a better future.

Thanksgiving is a painful time for many, as it propagates the historical erasure of a continent of indigenous peoples and cultures at the violent hands of European settlers and governments. This is a holiday that normalizes genocide and ethnic cleansing, in a country that oppresses and silences Native communities and occupies indigenous territory to this day. We must acknowledge it as a present-day issue: we are in a state of active colonization.

This Thanksgiving, commit to something that supports Native people. Consider  donating to Four Directions, an on-the-ground, Native-led, voting-rights group fighting against indigenous voter suppression, or to Indigenous Women Rising, an organization fighting for equitable abortion access and reproductive care for Native communities. 

We cannot continue to allow today to be a day of willful ignorance, and that requires constant vigilance. Even today, Indigenous communities are some of the most vulnerable to poverty, illness, and unemployment. We will never be able to fully right the wrongs exacted upon indigenous communities by colonization, but we can do everything in our power to create the most equitable America possible going forward.


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