Trump rages after his Mexico deal is exposed as a lie

Demand investigation into Trump's ICE agents’ sexual abuse of immigrants in detention centers.


Today’s Action: Stop Trump’s assault against refugees, asylum seekers, and Muslims

Today’s Top Stories:

Trump gets caught in a lie about his Mexico tariff deal and lashed out in fury

The president’s con was exposed and he exploded with frustration.

Take Action: Demand Trump end his ill-thought trade war with China that is hurting American families

VIDEO OF THE DAY: Bryan Cranston calls out Trump at the Tony Awards: “Demogoguery is the enemy of the people”

The award-winning Breaking Bad and Network star called out the president’s fear-mongering lies.

Listen to Michelle Obama read her insipiring, powerful memoir — free when you sign up for Audible

OD Action Pick: On track to become the best-selling memoir in history, read by the great former First Lady herself.

Trump calls on Twitter to let the white supremacists back
The president slams social media over freedom of speech right after attacking mainstream media as the enemy of the people.

Take Action: Demand Trump stop enabling white nationalist violence with hate speech!

Trump makes a desperate attack on a GOP Watergate witness while slamming Democrats

The president is beginning to recognize the uncanny parallels to Nixon’s demise in his legal perils and lashes out against his enemies list.

The NRA gets caught in a financial scandal that could bring them closer to extinction
The gun lobbying organization’s latest spending controversy was uncovered by The Washington Post and now members are concerned.

Take Action: Demand Congress FINALLY pass common sense protections from gun violence!

Trump complains about negative comparisons to Obama in crybaby tweet
The president feels his accomplishments are overlooked while Congress investigates his impeachable offenses.

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Trump wants to start charging stores to accept food stamps
Separately, the Trump administration is proposing $191 billion in cuts over the next decade to the food stamp program.

Call immigrant detention centers what they really are: concentration camps
In a stunning LA Times op-ed, Trump’s border prisons are exposed.

Today’s Action: Stop Trump’s assault against refugees, asylum seekers, and Muslims

Democrats in Congress have introduced the long-awaited No Ban Act (“National Origin-Based Antidiscrimination for Nonimmigrants Act”), the legislative response to Trump’s bans on refugees, asylum seekers, and Muslims.

The No Ban Act is a powerful protection for both long standing American values and immigrant communities from oppressive, discriminatory acts by the federal government — and would immediately rescind Trump’s despicable bans already in place.

But it still needs more support, even from Democrats!

Call or email your Members of Congress and ask them to cosponsor the No Ban Act. Remind them of all the vulnerable communities — refugees, asylum seekers, Muslims — who are being discriminated against by our president. If they’ve already cosponsored (House/Senate), thank them!

Trump has shaped global politics with his Islamophobic sentiments, and it’s long past time for Congress to step up and counter his hate-filled, terror-producing policies that have impacted and terrorized the 1.8 billion Muslims here at home and abroad.

He has terrorized, jailed, and rejected hundreds of thousands of asylum seekers at our Southern border, blocked nearly-total entry from Syria, and kept our refugee entry at less than half of the cap… all while the GOP sat back and allowed family separation and family jails.

Muslim Ban and America-first (read: White first) were Trump’s original campaign promises, a vow to his rabid supporters that he’d keep out an entire religion of adherents and nations of immigrants. Passing the No Ban Act is the first step toward breaking Trump’s white supremacist grip on entry to our country.

Email or call (202.224.3121) your Members of Congress and tell them to cosponsor and support the No Ban Act. Ask them to stop Trump’s persecution of Muslims, immigrants, refugees, and asylum seekers — and end his bigoted bans once and for all — by supporting this important legislation. Already cosponsored (House/Senate)? Thank them!

PS — Please don’t forget to sign the petition calling for investigations into sexual abuse by agents at Trump’s border prisons, and check out the brilliant “Don’t Think of an Elephant” by George Lakoff — a quick read that contains the ultimate keys for Democrats to win elections — and arguments.


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