Trump’s fascist rant forces even Fox to cut away

Tell Secretary Zinke: Don't let Trump end ban on killing endangered species so his sons can hunt trophies!


Today’s Action: Save Net Neutrality before April 23

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Trump cpeech

Trump goes on a rant so horrifically fascist even Fox News had to cut away

Even his favorite network was forced to pull the plug after his appalling attack.

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Obama’s CIA Chief annihilates Trump for bragging about his approval ratings

John Brennan saw the president’s pathetic tweet and immediately went for the jugular.

Impeach Trump & Pence

Pena and Trump

Mexican President Peña Nieto releases an epic video message trashing Trump [WATCH]

He addressed the Mexican people Thursday and issued a dire warning to Trump.

Take Action: Sign the petition telling Trump & Congress: Fund FEMA, not his stupid wall!

Audio surfaces of Trump Jr. bragging about his and Trump’s penis sizes

The First Son’s creepy comments finally came to light and it has America’s skin crawling.

Take Action: Add your name to demand answers on the Trump Tower-Russia meeting. Tell Congress to make Don Jr. testify publicly!

Mexican legislator

The Mexican Senate takes unprecedented unanimous action against Trump

The Republican president finally crossed the red line with his latest racist attack on our southern ally.

Trump has been holding secret parties in the White House. The guest list will make you sick

While the country slides into chaos, the president dines with the worst America has to offer.

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Today’s Action: Save Net Neutrality before April 23

With a new scandal rocking Trump’s White House seemingly every day, it’s easy to forget some of their egregious acts of Trump and his enablers in Congress.

But we can’t afford to forget — especially when it comes to Net Neutrality, because exploitation and manipulation of the internet is one of the big reasons we have President Trump right now.

Thankfully, there is still time to fight back.

Congress has until April 23 to protect the internet from Trump’s corporate telecom allies who stand to gain the ability to influence our internet searches and browsing speeds, and Senate Democrats need just one Republican to join them in passing a “resolution of disapproval” through the Congressional Review Act (CRA).

Call or email your Members of Congress and demand they use the CRA to overturn the FCC ruling and uphold net neutrality protections before April 23.

In December, Trump-appointed Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Chair Ajit Pai ignored overwhelming bipartisan outcry, including 50,000 signatures from the OD Action community, and removed Obama-era net neutrality protections, flinging open the doors for four massive telecom corporations to censor the web and raise prices for consumers.

This isn’t just about streaming our favorite shows (it’s about that too). Without net neutrality, every consumer will lose as corporations gain the power to determine what we consume, a change that could have devastating consequences on independent voices and allow Trump to pressure executives to silence his critics.

83% of voters support net neutrality, including 75% of Republicans. Congress can act now – but those who receive donations from telecom companies will need strong reminders who they work for.

Email or call (202.224.3121) your Members of Congress and demand their support for the CRA to overturn the FCC ruling, and keep our net neutrality protections intact. Remind them that we vote them into office, not telecom corporations – and we can vote them out.


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