Trump rejects teen shooting survivors to meet their nemesis

URGENT: Stop Trump from deporting US Army veteran and Green Card holder Miguel Perez!

Today’s Action: Demand the DREAM Act in person

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Florida shooting victims

Trump refuses an invite with Florida massacre survivors and accepts one from their nemesis
He has no time for victims. Who he’ll meet with instead will make your blood boil.

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Furious students storm the White House to surprise Trump on Presidents Day
The president’s holiday isn’t going anywhere near as he expected.


Trump Jr

Trump Jr. announces an “unofficial” trip that has ethics lawyers up in arms
The First Son is now facing serious accusations for his shameless abuse of unelected power.

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A new study reveals Al Franken fell victim to a coordinated foreign cybersmear campaign
The Democratic Senator’s downfall was carefully plotted by our adversaries. Here’s how.

FL Victim Funeral

The family of a Florida massacre victim holds a funeral. Nearby, Trump makes other plans
The Republican president’s inappropriate behavior reached a new low today in Florida.

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Colorado Republican takes dangerous action in response to Florida massacre
The entire nation is horrified at today’s chilling development.

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Resistance Merch

Get the gear that’s got Trump’s panties in a bunch
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Today’s Action: Demand the DREAM Act in person

Across the board, the Republican nativist agenda couldn’t be clearer. Escalated ICE arrests. Families ripped apart. Muslim Travel Ban. Refugees turned away.

We’ve never had so much proof that “Make America Great Again” always meant “Make America White Again.”

And as of March 6, Trump will begin his effort to deport 800,000 innocent young people brought to the States as children. Two courts have issued injunctions against him, but the rulings are temporary, and until Congress acts, America’s Dreamer must live with the threat of being ripped from the only homes they’ve ever known.

You’ve been calling your Representative to demand the DREAM Act – now it’s time to tell them to their faces.

This week, Congress is in recess. Check Town Hall Project to see if your Members of Congress have an event planned, and show up in person to demand they pass a DREAM Act by March 6.

Trump and his Republican cronies in Congress created a completely avoidable crisis by rescinding DACA protections and preventing Congressional passage of the DREAM Act for nearly six months. Now they are trying to leverage their own inability to responsibly govern to force Democrats to accept some of their most odious plans — including an $18 billion border wall — in exchange for the lives of Dreamers.

That’s why our Town Hall message is two-fold: DREAM Act now — and we want it clean.

Enter your zip code into Town Hall Project’s map to search for your Members of Congress’ planned events. Attend with your demands ready. And if your Reps don’t have a town hall scheduled, ask what they have to hide.

Explain that if they are too afraid to face their constituents, you’ll be happy to replace them with leaders who have a little more courage this November.

PS — Please don’t forget to sign the petition urgently calling to stop Trump from deporting US Army veteran and Green Card holder Miguel Perez, and join the vast majority of Americans demanding Congress protect Dreamers NOW!