Trump’s “ridiculous” Superman rally stunt leaks

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Top Stories for October 11:

Trump planned to rip open shirt to reveal Superman logo after discharge from hospital

President said to have raised idea during several phone calls from Walter Reed Medical Center

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Lindsey Graham: Black people can “go anywhere” in South Carolina as long as, “they just need to be conservative”
The Republican surprised exactly no one by exposing his true racist colors.

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Trump’s reckless White House rally immediately descends into terrifying cult-like behavior
The president recklessly held a rally at the White House just a week after his last super-spreader event — and things got real weird.

Pro-Trump nurse, who spoke at RNC, charged for shooting woman in abdomen
One of the few medical professionals willing to say that Trump cares about human life is being charged with assault with a deadly weapon.

Trump’s Border Patrol bragged they saved a mother in labor. Then they took her baby away
Reporters exposed the horrifying story behind the Border Patrol’s shameless attempt to whitewash themselves.

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Taliban endorses Trump
The brutally oppressive authoritarian regime expressed support for the nationalistic “America First” mantra.

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Republican Congressman exposed for breaking election law for seven years
Rep. Jim Hagedorn (R-MN) has been illegally getting premium campaign space for free from a support since 2013.

White House refuses to disclose when or if Trump tested knowledge ahead of potential superspreader events
Infectious disease epidemiologist Saskia Popescu called the behavior “deeply worrisome and frankly unethical.”

Facebook removed hundreds of fake accounts linked to conservative youth group Turning Point USA
The group, a favorite of Trump, is known to use deceit to advance Republican ideology on college campuses.

Suppression denied…


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