Trump sabotages bipartisan deal to save Dreamers

Demand Congress stop Trump from deporting Dreamers before its too late!

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Trump and Tom Cotton torpedo a hard-won bipartisan immigration deal to save Dreamers

Trump Jr. launches an unprovoked attack against US Olympic skater Adam Rippon
This afternoon, the Senate failed to pass any of the four immigration bills that would have protected more than 700,000 Dreamers who were brought here from other countries as children. The president, egged on by far-right Arkansas Senator, Tom Cotton, threatened… [more]

Today’s Action: Tell Congress it’s never a bad time to save lives

It’s become as predictable as it is reckless. After every gun violence tragedy, Republicans say it’s not the time to debate policy, it’s time for thoughts and prayers, and anything else is political opportunism.

Wrong. There is never a bad time to work to save lives.

Thoughts and prayers won’t prevent the next tragedy or mitigate loss of life. We need leadership, action, and — at long last — common sense gun safety reform.

There are simple, non-controversial actions Congress can take that will save lives, from limiting the number of bullets a gun can hold and guaranteeing background checks on gun purchases to banning military style assault weapons that have no business on our streets.

Instead, after the eighteenth school shooting of 2018 — three per week — this Republican Congress, at the behest of their NRA funders, is moving forward with an agenda that would make it easier for unhinged individuals to not only buy and conceal firearms in public but utilize silencers that would allow some murderers to continue their carnage without detection.

While it is important to mourn the tragic loss of life, it is a disservice to the memory of those victims not to learn from their deaths.

Contact your Senators and Representative today (202.224.3121), and tell them to act now to implement common sense protections against gun violence and NOT to make it easier to conceal guns in public.

Tell them it is never the wrong time to save lives.

PS — Please don’t forget to sign the petition declaring that ENOUGH IS ENOUGH and we must Ban assault weapons NOW, and join the vast majority of Americans demanding Congress protect Dreamers NOW!