Trump says Biden will “abolish suburbs” in outrageous speech

Demand Trump immediately stop his attacks on Dr. Fauci!


Top Stories for July 15:

Trump claims Biden wants “abolish suburbs” in outrageous Rose Garden speech

The president told a string of truly wild lies about Joe Biden and the Democrats in one of his most unhinged speeches yet.

Take Action: Tell TV networks: Stop livecasting Trump’s press conferences. His lies are getting people killed!

VIDEO OF THE DAY: Trump confronted for hinting that he’ll lose to Biden in November

Amidst sinking poll numbers and a flailing campaign, the president is returning to his 2016 playbook, desperate for another surprise victory.

No Lie with Brian Tyler Cohen: Trump’s bombshell move set to take down entire GOP
Things just went from bad to worse for the Republican Party.

Trump retreats on foreign student ban after withering criticism
The president reversed course on new foreign student regulations after more than 200 schools backed lawsuits against federal immigration authorities.

Ivanka gets brutally mocked after unveiling Trump’s new job website encouraging people to “go find something new”
Social media immediately hammered the first daughter for the naked nepotism that got her a job in the White House.

Take Action: Demand an investigation into Ivanka and Jared’s corrupt profiteering off Trump’s presidency!

GOP Congressman charged with three felonies in illegal voting case
Kansas Rep. Steve Watkins has been charged with three felonies for illegally voting in a 2019 municipal election: Interference with law enforcement, voting without being qualified, and unlawful advance voting.

Cuomo on reopening schools: ‘We’re not going to use our children as guinea pigs’
We’re NOT going to put our children in a place where their health is in danger. It’s that simple.

Take Action: Tell Betsy DeVos and Trump not to try to win the election by forcing children into packed classrooms that endanger lives!

Election year is here!

Say goodbye to Trump forever with gear that tells him how you really feel.

Asked why Black Americans are killed by police, Trump responds, “So are white people”
The president gave a truly terrible answer to a serious question, betraying a fundamental misunderstanding of statistics while ignoring the problem of police brutality altogether.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg hospitalized for possible infection
Justice Ginsburg underwent a procedure to clean a bile duct stent and will stay in the hospital for a “few days.”

I will not abandon you’: Biden unveils powerful TV ad in Texas
The Democratic nominee’s opening salvo for the general election is a message of unity, reminding Americans that “everyone is in this together” amidst the historic pandemic.

A message for President Donald Trump from his niece: “Resign”
Mary Trump says her uncle is “utterly incapable of leading this country, and it’s dangerous to allow him to do so.”



Yes. Seriously.


Today’s Action: End qualified immunity to save Black lives

Qualified immunity: the legal precedent that a police officer cannot be charged with committing excessive force unless there’s a previous court case ruling barring that particular type of excessive force under those exact circumstances.

What began (allegedly) as an attempt to protect cops from frivolous lawsuits has quickly spiraled into near-universal protection for law enforcement, giving police officers the ability to violate rights…as long as it’s done in an original way.

The call to end qualified immunity has been on the forefront of the protests and movement to end police brutality toward Black people. That’s because qualified immunity offers cops sweeping protections against the endless variety of crimes they commit – from shooting a ten-year-old child bystander, to stealing $225,000 from a pair of businessmen under search warrant, to destroying a family’s home with tear gas grenades, to exactly the type of excessive force that killed George Floyd.

Call or email your Members of Congress to demand an end to qualified immunity for law enforcement.

Murders extremely similar to George Floyd’s have been thrown out in court, the officers free to continue acting disgracefully, simply because qualified immunity established there was no precedent. And Floyd’s killers may receive the same protections, for the exact same reason.

If we are ever going to be able to hold cops accountable for their systemic excessive acts of violence against our Black communities, ending qualified immunity is one of the first steps.

Email or call (202.224.3121) your Members of Congress to end qualified immunity – we must be able to hold killer cops accountable.

PS — Please don’t forget to sign the petition demanding Trump immediately stop his attacks on Dr. Fauci, and check out the brilliant “Don’t Think of an Elephant” by George Lakoff — a quick read that contains the ultimate keys for Democrats to win elections — and arguments.


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