Trump says Melania wouldn’t cry if he got shot

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Trump says Melania wouldn’t cry for him if he got shot in uncomfortable fundraiser speech

While reflecting on the shooting of Rep. Steve Scalise, the president let the mask slip and gave the audience a glimpse into his apparently deeply unhappy marriage.

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Nancy Pelosi rips Republicans’ fear of the truth on the House Floor

“What is at stake is our democracy.”

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“The best new podcast for Democrats”

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Impeachment inquiry vote’s strong support from Democrats spells trouble for Trump
With momentum on impeachment quickly shifting, as Thursday’s tally shows, it’s not impossible that Trump would reach the danger zone of Nixon’s numbers.

Ivanka tries to use a Jefferson quote to defend Trump and accidentally makes him look guilty
Ivanka’s attempt to use the Founding Fathers to help her father backfired when it became clear she hadn’t paid attention in history class.

Republicans’ authoritarian smear campaign against Alexander Vindman
Trump’s defenders say anyone who stands up to the president is a traitor. They’re dead wrong.

Republicans try to prank Dems after impeachment vote and cause a Capitol security incident
Seething Republicans thought they would troll their rivals with “moving boxes” but it was the Democrats who ended up having the last laugh.

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Top NSC Russia official confirms key testimony linking Trump to quid pro quo
Tim Morrison, however, was careful not to directly criticize the president’s actions.

Rudy Giuliani needed Apple genius help to unlock his iPhone after being named Trump cybersecurity adviser
Giuliani’s actions call into question his understanding of basic security measures, two former FBI cyber experts told NBC News.

Bush’s ex-ethics chief accuses Trump of using “felony bribery” to buy Senator support during impeachment
A new report on Trump’s efforts to abuse his position to funnel money into the war chests of Republican Senators is setting off serious alarm bells.


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