Trump sends humiliating tweet on NY election bombshell

Tell the ultra-conservative 'Focus on the Family' — condemn Trump's family separations or drop the hypocritical charade!


Today’s Action: Grant Asylum Protections to Victims of Domestic Violence

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Confused Trump

Trump humiliates himself with confused tweet about bombshell NY election results
His blinding narcissism left the entire internet howling with laughter.

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Protestors confront McConnell and wife over caged kids and a huge fight erupts (WATCH)
Mitch McConnell’s wife, Elaine Chao, took the bait in a rare verbal altercation.

Obama and Solar Energy
People In All 50 States Are Defying Trump’s Efforts To Undo Obama’s Climate Saving Legacy With This Online Service

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Trump tweet

Trump issues the most un-American statement of his entire presidency
The assembled Republican Senators were left aghast at this meeting with the President.

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Racist woman assaults black teen for trying to use community pool, then bites cop (WATCH)
Her disgusting, brutal attack was caught on camera.

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Trump reading

The Wall Street Journal takes a baseball bat to Trump’s economic brags in brutal op-ed
The nation’s biggest conservative newspaper issued a rare criticism of the President that he can’t afford to ignore.

17 states blindside Trump with a massive lawsuit
The president isn’t going to get away with his heinous agenda without a fight from the rest of us.

Protest 24/7 with gear from Resistance Merch
People are saying Trump wants apology from progressive merch store

OD Action Partner: Resistance Merch refuses to back down, instead doubles down with new resistance gear.

Today’s Action: Grant Asylum Protections to Victims of Domestic Violence

It’s actually hard to keep track of ALL the ways the Trump Administration is attacking asylum seekers…which is why we’re dedicating this whole week of actions to immigrants, a different life-threatening need each day.

Two weeks ago, Attorney General Jeff Sessions reversed 15 years of legal precedent when he declared domestic violence would no longer be an acceptable reason to receive asylum, calling the battering, rape, and murder of women by their partners a “private criminal activity” — even in countries that refuse to protect them.

U.S. asylum law has always been interpreted by judges, legislators, and executives to include victims of domestic violence but does not outright state it. This is how Sessions and Trump might just get away with this atrocity. To protect these women, we need to change the law.

Call or email your Members of Congress and demand they change asylum law to include victims of domestic violence.

The asylum seeker Jeff Sessions rejected to create this horrific new policy hails from El Salvador, one of the most dangerous countries in the world for women. She was abused by her husband for 15 years, beaten (even while she was pregnant), raped, and threatened with death. But Salvadorian police would not step in unless they literally caught him in the act or saw blood. She is one of countless women living with no recourse against this type of terror. And somehow, the president would have us believe this isn’t a human rights issue.

Without anywhere to run, thousands of women are going to die as a result of this change.

Even if Trump and Sessions don’t care about their lives, the rest of us do – and we can take action.

Email or call (202.224.3121) your Members of Congress and demand asylum law be amended to include victims of domestic violence — and thereby acknowledge violence against women as a human rights issue.

PS: March for immigrant families on Saturday, June 30th — find the closest Families Belong Together And Free event.

PS — Please don’t forget to sign the petition to tell the ultra-conservative “Focus on the Family” — condemn Trump’s family separations or drop the hypocritical charade, and check out the brilliant “Don’t Think of an Elephant” by George Lakoff — a quick read that contains the ultimate keys for Democrats to win elections — and arguments.


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