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Democratic Rep. Donald McEachin of Virginia dies at 61

Top Stories for November 29:

Trump, done with democracy, calls on Kari Lake to be “installed” as Arizona’s governor

The disgraced ex-president is calling for the illegal installation of Lake as Arizona’s governor, despite the clear will of the voters and… you know… the law.

Take Action: Compel Marjorie Taylor Greene to testify before the January 6th committee!

VIDEO OF THE DAY: Trump’s attack on special counsel’s wife backfires

The serial grifter, under fire from seemingly all angles, launched a pathetic smear against special counsel Jack Smith’s wife but only succeeded in making himself look even more foolish and incoherent.

Take Action: Support climate champions in key 2023 elections!

Elon Musk’s far-right Twitter gamble backfires

No Lie with Brian Tyler Cohen: Whoa.

Kellyanne Conway meets with House 1/6 committee for nearly 5 hours
Donald Trump’s right-hand woman finally sat down to share what she knows about the deadly insurrection (or — more likely — plead the fifth). Notably, she has not been publicly subpoenaed.

Take Action: Protect renters from unfair evictions!

Elon Musk threatens war with Apple in embarrassing meltdown
The reign of Twitter King Elon has gone full Joffery in less than a month. Without any evidence, Musk preemptively accused Twitter’s biggest source of advertising revenue, Apple, of cutting back on its advertising because it “hates free speech.” He went on to accuse the company of extorting its customers with a 30% App Store tax after rumors circulated that Apple might remove Twitter from its app store, which would be a death blow to the social media platform. Musk’s childish and cringeworthy attempts to ape Trump’s public bullying tactics fall flat and reek of insecurity and desperation, and it’s hard to see how this can go on much longer unless Musk comes to terms with the fact that his repulsive attempts to earn respect from online neo-Nazis, groypers, and white supremacists is killing his $44 billion “investment.”

Take Action: Tell Elon Musk to keep Trump off of Twitter for good!

MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell says he is running to chair RNC

The delusional conspiracy theorist and uncomfortably avid Trumper announced his laughable desire to unseat Ronna McDaniel — an irredeemably awful individual in her own right — as chair of the Republican National Committee. Good luck, Mike!

Take Action: Demand Congress put an end to private prisons!

GOP lawmakers predictably decline to condemn Trump over white supremacist meeting
A flurry of top Republicans — with a few exceptions — took a familiar approach to Donald Trump’s disastrous dinner with white nationalist and fervent antisemite Nick Fuentes — gently condemning the disgraced ex-president’s actions, but not the man himself. Mustn’t anger dear leader!

We must protect President Biden

OD Action Partner: The radicals in the Republican House have made it painfully clear they’re going to use their nonsense grievances to impeach President Biden out of sheer spite. Sending Rev. Warnock back to the Senate is critical to protecting our majority and making sure they don’t succeed in their ideological witch-hunt against a stunningly successful president. Can you chip in to help United Rural Democrats mobilize the grassroots and keep the President in office?

Lobbyist for Saudi company buying all the groundwater in drought-stricken Arizona is elected to Maricopa County board of supervisors
A new report revealed just the latest way that cynical capitalists are stripping this country of its most crucial resources for profit. An official recently elected to the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors, where he holds sway over an ongoing water dispute, was also a lobbyist for a Saudi company looking to protect its extraction of precious groundwater. Thomas Galvin, elected in the midterms to the post he was first appointed to in 2021, lobbied on behalf of the Saudi-owned farming company, which is using Arizona’s most depleted natural resource for foreign exports.

5 Connecticut police officers only charged with misdemeanors after Black man left paralyzed following ride in police van
Five cops were charged with misdemeanors for paralyzing a detained Black man from the chest down in the back of a police van — demonstrating that even when police are held “accountable” they’re not really held accountable. Randy Cox, 36, was being driven to a New Haven police station when the driver braked hard causing Cox to fly headfirst into the wall of the van. As Cox pleaded for help, saying he couldn’t move, some of the officers mocked him and accused him of being drunk and faking his injuries. Then, the officers dragged him by his feet from the van and placed him in a holding cell prior to his eventual transfer to a hospital.

More than 2.3 million people in Houston told to boil water due to power grid failure
Millions of residents in the Houston area are expected to remain under a boil water notice until at least today after two transformers at a water treatment plant in the nation’s fourth-most-populous city went offline, thanks to the state’s infamously terrible privatized electric grid. At least four area school districts also closed on Monday in response. Once again we see Texans suffering costly and dangerous disruptions to their daily lives because of embarrassing failures of the “free market.” If it wasn’t clear before, vital utilities and services should be publicly owned and closely regulated.


Livin’ in America

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Today’s Action: Phone bank for Sen. Raphael Warnock!

While Democrats will in fact retain control of the US Senate, one crucial race there remains.  Democratic Sen. Raphael Warnock’s contest against the observably awful Herschel Walker in Georgia is headed to a runoff  one week from today after neither candidate reached the 50% threshold required to win outright.

We’re in the (slightly elongated) home stretch, folks. It’s absolutely critical to stay engaged and involved and keep Georgia blue. We need as many progressives in office as possible to preserve the rights we’ve been fighting so hard for —  reproductive rights, LGBTQ+ rights, gun-safety initiatives, justice reform, etc. One more seat in the Senate could mean the difference between advancing our progressive agenda or watching Mitch McConnell obstruct and disrupt any further progress over the next two years. You don’t have to be a seasoned professional or a registered voter in Georgia to join this fight, just be ready to channel the late, great John Lewis and stir up some “good trouble.”

Swing Left is hosting ongoing phone-banking parties for Raphael Warnock until Election Day on Dec. 6! You can help identify supporters of Sen. Warnock as well as talk to on-the-fence voters. People all across the country are able to join in from the comfort of their own homes, and there’s more than enough work to go around. Commit to a shift today!


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