Trump shows no sympathy for kid whose family died


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Today’s Top Stories:

Trump fails to offer any sympathy after being told that a young boy’s whole family had been killed

The president’s appalling lack of compassion was put on full display during his visit to tornado-ravaged Tennessee.

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Romney gives Republicans tie-breaking vote in subpoena of Hunter Biden’s records at Burisma
Romney proved where his loyalties really lie with his agreement to help kick-start the GOP’s smear investigation against the Biden family.

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Trump gets a fact check on coronavirus vaccines — from his own officials
Trump often boasts that he knows more than so-called experts, but the stakes for his exaggerations have rarely been so high.

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After Joe Biden nearly swept Super Tuesday and surged ahead in polls, Bernie Sanders plots new strategy to retake charge of 2020 race
Sanders is changing his schedule, embracing negative ads, and touting his ties to the Black establishment.

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Six former wrestlers say Rep. Jim Jordan knew about abusive OSU doctor
Trump’s House mouth piece covered up a serial sex abuser according to multiple witnesses.

Take Action: Demand Rep. Jim Jordan resign after witnesses say he covered up serial sexual abuse on Ohio St. campus.

Trump ousts chief of staff Mick Mulvaney in favor of Rep. Mark Meadows
Mark Meadows will be the fourth person to serve as the president’s chief of staff. Mulvaney set to become U.S. envoy to Northern Ireland.

Election year is here!

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U.S. has persuasive intel Taliban do not intend to abide by terms of peace deal, officials say
“They have no intention of abiding by their agreement,” one official said. Trump said Friday, “Countries have to take care of themselves.”

Trump regime poised to start collecting DNA from immigration detainees
“It’s about miscasting these individuals, many of whom are seeking asylum in this country … as people who pose a threat that somehow would justify holding onto the most intimate information about them indefinitely,” said ACLU’s Naureen Shah.

GOP Rep. Steve Watkins’ woes mount with FEC probe into his father
The freshman congressman’s father said he’s under investigation for improper campaign contributions.

Facebook reverses course, removes over 1,000 deceptive Trump campaign ads
The ads violated Facebook’s policy prohibiting “misleading information about when and how to participate in the census.”

Civilian vacancies at Trump’s Pentagon hit new high
One Defense official pushed back on the notion of a disagreement between the White House and the Pentagon over Rood’s replacement.

Conway goes full “1984,” tells FOX hosts that Trump didn’t say what they just heard in clip
The president’s liar-in-chief jumped the shark with an outrageous defense of the president that denied the words he said on national television.


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