Trump sparks global panic with big mistake in speech

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Put a competent medical professional in charge of coronavirus outbreak. Get Pence out!


BREAKING: EU condemns Trump’s coronavirus travel ban, imposed ‘unilaterally and without consultation’

Today’s Top Stories:

Trump address sparks chaos and panic as coronavirus crisis deepens

Markets went into freefall after the president’s error in his primetime address.

Take Action: This is no time for Republicans to deny science! Demand a REAL response to comabt the deadly coronavirus NOW!

Spokeswoman says it’s OK to ignore experts because Trump is “the best authority” on virus
When a Fox host questioned the wisdom of having a rally against the advice of Trump’s own experts, the president’s campaign press secretary went full Great Leader.

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Trump is reportedly so mad at Speaker Pelosi he won’t speak with her to plan coronavirus response
A new report from POLITICO shows that not even a national crisis can make the president put his wounded ego aside.

Self-quarantined Republican jokes about deliberately infecting Supreme Justice Ginsberg with virus
Just a week after clutching their pearls over Schumer’s criticism of Supreme Court Justices, the GOP is silent as one of their members makes light of using the coronavirus as a political weapon.

Take Action: Prosecute Rep. Gaetz and his GOP cronies for jeopardizing national security for a childish stunt

The record bull market that began early on President Obama’s first term tumbles into a bear market
Dow’s plunge into a bear market from a recent high is fastest since Great Depression

Harvey Weinstein sentenced to 23 years in prison
The serial rapist is finally behind bars.

Take Action: Rescind Betsy DeVos and Trump’s rule making it easier for people to get away with rape on campus!

Election year is here!

OD Action partner: Say goodbye to Trump forever with gear that tells him how you really feel.

DHS lawyer admits every migrant Trump sends to Mexico is in danger of kidnapping as SCOTUS allows policy to continue
Audio obtained by CNN of a hearing reveals that the Trump admin knows their policy is putting lives in danger, but they’re fighting to continue it anyway.

Lawyers: Chelsea Manning attempts suicide in Virginia jail
Manning has been in jail since May 2019 for refusing to testify before a grand jury investigating WikiLeaks.

Female senators in Utah walk out as abortion bill passes
The six women lawmakers — two Republicans and four Democrats — refused to vote Wednesday on a bill mandating a woman be shown an ultrasound before receiving an abortion.

It’s been a year since the last daily White House press briefing
The milestone is emblematic of the erosion of traditional norms regarding interactions between the White House and the press corps under the Trump administration.

Prince Harry allegedly tells prank caller posing as Greta that “Trump has blood on his hands”
British tabloids are reporting that infamous YouTube pranksters got the British prince to tell us how he really feels about the US president.

Tom Hanks and the NBA finally wake America up to the coronavirus
After weeks of Trump downplaying the threat of the pandemic, the American treasures make the reality undeniable.


Today’s Action: Spread the news on Trump’s Medicaid Spending Caps

With a coronavirus outbreak underway, you would hope the president wouldn’t simultaneously attempt to cut funding from the largest healthcare provider in the country. But it’s Trump, so…he is.

The Trump Administration ran a Medicaid ‘field study’ in 2018, implementing work requirements in Arkansas to receive Medicaid coverage. The result: 18,000 low-income individuals getting knocked off insurance in one year, just in one state

And with that attempt to keep poor people away from doctors locked in the courts, he’s pushing forward with a new scheme at a national level: allowing states to cap Medicaid spending under the guise of “block grants.”

Medicaid covers 71 million Americans. And dressed up in whatever bogus language he and his cronies are using (ex: “the Healthy Adult Opportunity”), the policy changes essentially boil down to one thing: remove as many people as possible, and spend less on those they can’t kick off.

These changes to Medicaid could hurt millions of people – and we need to get the word out! Send a letter to your favorite newspaper about Trump’s Medicaid block grant funding program, urging your reps and your community to oppose it.

Under the proposed changes, the states would use the spending caps to determine in advance how much they’ll spend on Medicaid for the year…but rue the day a recession sends surges of unanticipated enrollees its way, as the state would not have the funding to cover the adjustment.

Drug coverage is also at risk, as the policy will allow states to exclude certain drugs from coverage. States would also have the option to choose who exactly they cover. And certain standard Medicaid benefits like long-term care and transportation to medical treatment would be potentially out the window.

Needless to say, many Republicans are hangry for this policy to get enacted – the sooner to blame the poor for being poor the better. But other Republicans have resisted changes to the ACA and Medicaid in the past, thanks to their enrolled voters, and we need them to once again join with Democrats to keep these lifesaving entitlements intact (or improved, but one battle at a time).

Write a letter to your local newspaper’s editor, encouraging your community and Members of Congress to oppose Trump’s changes to Medicaid – tell them to say NO to state spending caps, which will reduce the quality of care and hurt states’ ability to provide coverage during recessions.

PS — Please don’t forget to sign the petition replace Pence with a competent medical professional to oversee coronavirus outbreak response, and check out the brilliant “Don’t Think of an Elephant” by George Lakoff — a quick read that contains the ultimate keys for Democrats to win elections — and arguments.


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