Trump suffers brutal, unprecedented court defeat

Tell prosecutors to charge Trump and his accomplices for their crimes after he leaves office!


Top Stories for December 5:

Trump suffers brutal day in court, losing an unprecedented number of election lawsuits in a single evening

The legal team of the outgoing Oval Office occupant was dealt six humiliating defeats in a few hours — some from conservative Trump appointees.

Take Action: Disbar Giuliani for making a mockery of our democracy with Trump’s frivolous lawsuits to steal the presidency

VIDEO OF THE DAY: Republicans’ “smoking gun” election fraud video debunked on Fox News

The Trump campaign’s latest effort to drum up fake evidence to explain the outgoing president’s resounding election defeat was shot down by his former favorite news network.

Take Action: Call voters in Georgia and help put Mitch McConnell and Republicans into the minority next year!

Trump suffers WORST humiliation yet in last-ditch election scheme

No Lie with Brian Tyler Cohen: He finally hit rock bottom.

Judge orders Trump to restore DACA as it existed under Obama
A federal judge has reversed the White House’s latest round of rules placing further limits on the Obama-era program and instructed DHS to begin accepting new applications for the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program as soon as Monday.

Trump fires Pentagon advisory board members, installs partisan loyalists
The White House removed nine members of the Pentagon’s Defense Business Board on Friday and installed people loyal to the outgoing president in their place, including allies Corey Lewandowski and David Bossie.

Pentagon blocked Biden’s intelligence transition team from meeting with agencies
The Trump administration prevented President-elect Joe Biden’s transition team from meeting with its counterparts at Pentagon intelligence agencies this week, because, you know, it’s only national security.

Take Action: Demand Trump’s admin give Biden’s transition team the access REQUIRED BY LAW!

House votes to federally decriminalize marijuana
Friday marks the first vote ever of its kind on a federal level, signaling historic progress, though passing the Senate remains a steep hurdle.

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RNC spent more than $300,000 buying copies of Donald Trump Jr.’s new book
The Republican National Committee bought thousands of copies of Donald Trump Jr.’s new self-published book, which were eventually given out to donors who had contributed between $50 and $100 to the RNC.

Take Action: Hold Trump accountable for rampant illegal activity at the RNC!

The RNC paid $42 million during campaign to mystery marketing company founded 9 months ago
Digital Consulting Group — whose sole client was the RNC — went from nonexistent to being the Republican Party’s highest-paid vendor of the 2020 election, all in the space of eight months. The company has no website, no known owner or a physical address.

Arizona Republicans rebuff Trump’s claim of fraud, call for election audit of Maricopa County
State GOP leaders spurned the outgoing president’s baseless claims of fraud just days after Gov. Doug Ducey, also a Republican, rejected a phone call from Trump while signing off on the state’s election certification on live TV.

Trump Pentagon nominee spreads debunked conspiracies and suggests Trump declare martial law
Trump loyalist Scott O’Grady said Biden’s victory was a “coup,” opined that the outgoing president actually won the election in “landslide fashion,” and suggested that calling for martial law was “not a bad idea.”


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PS — Please don’t forget to sign the petition telling prosecutors to charge Trump and his accomplices for their crimes after he leaves office, and check out the brilliant “Don’t Think of an Elephant” by George Lakoff — a quick read that contains the ultimate keys for Democrats to win elections — and arguments.


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