Trump fans arrested for attacking cop at Capitol

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Top Stories for March 16:

Two men arrested for assaulting Capitol Police officer Brian Sicknick who died in Trump’s coup attempt

The DOJ arrested and charged two men for assaulting Sicknick with bear spray during the deadly siege, as authorities continue working to determine the direct cause of the officer’s death.

Take Action: Contact your senators TODAY and tell them to vote YES on the Equality Act and guarantee the rights of LGBTQ Americans!

VIDEO OF THE DAY: John Oliver nails Tucker Carlson in must-see rant

The Last Week Tonight host broke down Tucker Carlson’s white supremacy in under 3 minutes.

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Jen Psaki DISMANTLES GOP attempt to steal credit for relief plan

No Lie with Brian Tyler Cohen: This is epic.

Debt collectors can take stimulus checks
Congress is rushing to fix a glitch that allows private debt collectors to garnish badly needed stimulus checks after Republicans forced Democrats to advance the stimulus bill through budget reconciliation.

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Republican lieutenant governor comes out against GOP assault on voting rights in Georgia
Georgia Lt. Gov. Geoff Duncan on Sunday said he wants to expand voting, calling many voting reform proposals “solutions in search of a problem.”

Biden invokes LBJ as Democrats aim to expand social safety net beyond pandemic relief

Democratic leaders are banking on some of the aid provisions being so popular that letting them expire would be a political nightmare.

Take Action: Tell President Biden to declare climate change a national emergency

Democrats call bullsh*t on Kevin McCarthy’s claim that suspected terrorists have been caught at Mexico border
House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy claimed that he’d spoken to border agents in El Paso, Texas, who told him that suspected terrorists have attempted to cross the border—but he’s provided absolutely no evidence to back it up, despite multiple requests.

EXCLUSIVE: Inside Trump’s humanitarian crisis at the border

American Refugee: Every night a migrant dies of thirst attempting to cross the Texas backcountry brush. Every day one man fights back. LISTEN.

Coca-Cola and Home Depot denounce Georgia GOP’s voting restrictions
Coca-Cola and Home Depot, both headquartered in Georgia, expressed opposition to the GOP’s aggressive efforts to restrict voting following recent Democratic wins in the state.

Vindman twin set for promotion after Trump loyalists attempted to derail his career
Army personnel officials determined the early negative performance reviews of Army Lt. Col. Yevgeny Vindman weren’t objective and instead were retaliatory for his bit role in the ex-president’s first impeachment.

London police under fire for treatment of women at Sarah Everard vigil
London’s Metropolitan Police are facing a firestorm of criticism over their aggressive disbanding of a weekend vigil honoring Everard, the 33-year-old woman who was abducted and killed allegedly by an officer serving in that same force.

Trump strangely claims that he held many meetings in the Oval Office about “dogs”
The disgraced former president wandered into a dog charity event and took to the stage in a new viral clip.



Yes. Seriously.


Today’s Action: Tell the Senate to pass the Equality Act!

In 29 states, LGBTQ+ Americans, people can still be kicked out of their homes, fired, or denied basic services for the perception of being gay or transgender. For who they are.

With Democrats in slim control of Congress and the White House, that could change imminently if the Equality Act becomes law — but it won’t happen without a fight. Senate hearings begin tomorrow, so we need action NOW.

Call or email your Senators and tell them to join 72% of Americans in supporting the Equality Act!

The Equality Act  will include sexual orientation and gender identity as protected characteristics under civil rights law – finally legally protecting LGBTQ+ people nationwide from discrimination.

The Democratic-led House passed the Equality Act in 2019, but it collected dust in the GOP-controlled Senate. With Democrats now in power, we must move with urgency – because every day that we delay, our LGBTQ+ communities continue to face hostile living and work environments.

For far too long, our country has denied basic protections to LGBTQ+ people. Let’s end this NOW by passing the Equality Act.

Email or call (202.224.3121) your Senators and demand they pass the Equality Act!

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