Trump supporters vow to destroy GOP in Georgia


Top Stories for November 23:

VIDEO OF THE DAY: Trump supporters vow to destroy the Republican Party at Georgia rally

The same people groomed by the GOP and right-wing media to take Trump’s word as sacrosanct are now threatening to destroy the Republican party if they don’t get behind their leader’s catastrophic conspiracy to steal a second term.

Take Action: Call voters and Georgia and to put Mitch McConnell and Republicans into the mnajority next year!

Trump legal team jettisons conspiracy-spouting lawyer days after featuring her at press conference
Rudy Giuliani made the announcement in a brief three-sentence statement without providing the obvious reasons.

Adam Schiff on Trump’s legal consequences for coup attempt

No Lie with Brian Tyler Cohen: We’ve been waiting for this.

Carl Bernstein names 21 GOP senators who he says privately express “extreme contempt” for Trump
With few exceptions their craven public silence has helped enable Trump’s most grievous conduct — including undermining and discrediting the US electoral system, Bernstein wrote.

Take Action: Demand Mitch McConnell stop blocking the pandemic relief bill that the American people desperately need!

Trump skips out on G20 climate panel to go golfing, demands apology for media reporting it

The outgoing president demanded an apology from CNBC for correctly reporting his absence from the critical panel discussion covering climate and the ongoing pandemic.

Biden begins assembling cabinet with Blinken for Secretary of State
The choice of the Obama alum signals priorities of human rights, strengthening relations with democratic allies rather than authoritarian regimes.

House Democrat demands DOJ prosecution of Trump’s “innumerable crimes against the United States”
Rep. Bill Pascrell did not mince words: “[Trump] has endangered our national security. He ripped families apart. He poisoned the Census. He has personally profited from his office. He has attacked our elections and sought to throttle democracy. He was rightly impeached by the House of Representatives. He has engaged in treachery [and] in treason. He has all but given up on governing and protecting our nation and if he had a shred of dignity he would resign today.”

Take Action: Nobody off the hook — Hold Trump and his enablers accountable for their crimes!

Get President Obama’s critically acclaimed memoir: A Promised Land

OD Action Pick: “Barack Obama is as fine a writer as they come. . . . [A Promised Land] is nearly always pleasurable to read, sentence by sentence, the prose gorgeous in places, the detail granular and vivid.”— New York Times

Bye, Betsy: Educators celebrate the end of the DeVos era
Stakeholders in the education community celebrated Joe Biden’s victory because it means the end of the troubled, destructive tenure of Betsy DeVos.

Trump attorney in recount effort is seeking to throw out his own vote
The attorney leading the outgoing president’s recount effort in Wisconsin voted illegally according to his own legal argument that in-person absentee ballots should be thrown out.

White House caught lying about 2016 transition that Trump called “magnificent”
The outgoing president’s team made patently false statements about the Obama administration’s efforts to facilitate a smooth, orderly transition, which Trump publicly heralded as “magnificent” at the time.


Trump’s America…


Today’s Action: Enroll in the ACA and spread the word!

Millions of people have lost their employee-based healthcare as a result of the pandemic. Millions more have lost their coverage simply because they can no longer afford it. All in all, around 14 million people in our country are freshly without insurance as they face a deadly virus.

Thanks to Trump’s relentless attacks on the Affordable Care Act over the past four years and refusal to advertise it, many uninsured people do not even know the ACA is still an option – and even fewer realize it offers generous subsidies to make healthcare affordable, many plans with premiums as low as $10/month for lower income levels.

Spread the word: the Affordable Care Act open enrollment is here, and lasts through December 15 nationwide. Don’t let any uninsured member of your community miss their opportunity to purchase affordable, subsidized healthcare!

The future of the ACA is currently in the hands of the Supreme Court, as it faces yet another GOP attack on what should be a basic human right. We won’t know the outcome of this particular case until next spring. But this in no way means Americans shouldn’t enroll now, to have coverage for the year if the outcome keeps the ACA intact, or at minimum for half-a-year if it doesn’t…at which point we’ll be pushing Biden to have a replacement plan ready to go.

There couldn’t be a more important time for every American to have affordable insurance than during a global pandemic. But we must do an extra push to spread the word over the next few weeks, to make up for Trump’s silencing of this vital, lifesaving program.

Make sure you, your loved ones, and your greater community aren’t locked out of affordable healthcare. Enroll now, and spread the word that December 15 is the deadline for most states.

PS — Please don’t forget to sign the petition telling state leaders to spread the word about the Dec. 15 Obamacare deadline, and check out the brilliant “Don’t Think of an Elephant” by George Lakoff — a quick read that contains the ultimate keys for Democrats to win elections — and arguments.


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