Trump takes legal action against Republican Party

Demand the Texas legislature overturn the Governor deadly decision to lift the mask mandate!


Top Stories for March 7:

Trump’s lawyers send cease-and-desist letters demanding GOP stop using him to raise money

As Democrats passed their wildly popular rescue plan with zero Republican support, the GOP continued to fracture in two.

Take Action: Tell Ted Cruz to resign for leaving the country when his constituents needed help most!

VIDEO OF THE DAY: Ted Cruz caught lying about relief bill, INSTANTLY humiliated on Senate floor

The cowardly lyin’ senator instantly saw his sham claim implode on the Senate Floor yesterday.

Elizabeth Warren on using 14th Amendment to bar Trump from 2024 run

No Lie with Brian Tyler Cohen: We’ve been waiting for this.

Senate Democrats pass bill that will provide major help to Americans in need with zero Republican votes — despite the support of three-fourths of the public and most Republican voters
The final bill, which will pass the House Tuesday, will cut child poverty in half and deliver $1,400 checks to Americans in need — among other desperately need measures.

Biden to sign executive order expanding voting access
As Republicans try to suppress the vote in the state level, Democrats are working to make sure every American can be counted in elections.

Take Action: Add your name to demand a wealth tax so the super rich finally pay their fair share!

Texas won’t reduce $16 billion in electricity charges from winter storm
Promises made in the wake of the deadly storm are not being kept.

Republican leaders have no comment after GOP Congressman headlines white supremacist conference
Paul Gosar spoke at a white nationalist conference. The GOP doesn’t care.

As Democrats pass landmark bill to help struggling Americans, Republicans focus on imaginary culture wars
Dr. Seuss, a toy potato, and neanderthals dominate conservative discourse as they ignore the plight of working families and let Democrats save the day.

Giuliani probe awaits Garland as he nears AG confirmation
Evidence of Trump’s ex-lawyer’s crimes has been gathering dust in the Justice Department, but there’s about to be a new sheriff in town.

Take Action: Add your name to demand Trump and his network be prosecuted for their crimes.

Lawmakers trying to block trans students from participating in sports can’t cite a single local example
Not. One.

Far-right misinformation is thriving on Facebook. A new study shows just how much
In the trumposphere, the more dishonest the source, the more engagement it gets. And Facebook is letting it happen.

Republicans in the wilderness


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