Trump team insults furloughed workers with bizarre advice

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The Trump team give weird, insulting advice to furloughed federal workers who can’t make rent

800,000 workers are without pay thanks to Trump’s shutdown — and his “advice” to help them out is downright infuriating.

Ocasio-Cortez publicly devastates Republicans for trying to “birther” her with an epic own
Conservative pundits accused her of lying about her childhood, and the Democratic rising star shot them down in brutal fashion.

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People in all 50 states are defying Trump’s efforts to undo Obama’s climate saving legacy with this online service

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Republicans brag about Trump’s new UN Ambassador’s “credentials” and it backfired hilariously

Social media had a field day roasting Trump and the GOP over the pathetic “accomplishments” they tried to tout.

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Don Lemon humiliates Trump by playing brutal clip of him attacking Obama over 2013 shutdown [WATCH]
The CNN anchor publicly threw the president’s words back at him — and the look on Lemon’s face is PRICELESS.

An outgoing Republican Congressman publicly trashes Trump’s morning Twitter tantrum

Disgusted with his party’s leader, Ryan Costello said what his fellow Republicans are afraid to admit.

The victims of Trump’s trade war are about to get hammered by his shutdown
The farmers who saw their livelihoods crippled by his reckless policies are about to be hit with a double-whammy.

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