Trump threatens CNN over poll showing Biden crushing him

Tell Congress to reject Trump's awful defense of the Confederacy and rename bases that are named for Confederate generals!


Today’s Top Stories:

Trump campaign demands CNN apologize for poll that shows Biden leading

As Americans reject his horrendous presidency, Trump chose to lash out like a spoiled child rather than do his job better.

Take Action: Tell the media to call Trump out on ALL of his lies. Don’t let him rewrite history!

VIDEO OF THE DAY: Even Fox News calls out Trump’s press sec for defending Confederate generals

The president’s propaganda network could not stand by as he defended those who betrayed our nation in the name of slavery.

Take Action: Tell Trump’s VA to stop spending money to defend Confederate monuments!

No Lie with Brian Tyler Cohen: Bombshell news signals Trump may lose TEXAS
In an exclusive interview with Beto O’Rourke, Brian Tyler Cohen gets to why Texas may turn blue this November.

Trump goes nuclear on Fox News for cutting away from footage he wanted to see: “Fox is lost!!!
The president trashed his cheerleaders for not showing a hearing crucial to his George Floyd narrative.

Pence deletes tweet showing Trump campaign staff not wearing face masks or social distancing
The VP and chair of the US pandemic task force had to retreat after setting an example that would get Americans killed.

Take Action: Put a competent medical professional in charge of the outbreak. Get Pence out!

Federal judge rules ICE courthouse arrests in New York state are illegal
Local officials have long argued the arrests for immigration violations hamper the investigation and prosecution of crime.

Police finally release their report about killing of EMT nurse Breonna Taylor — and it’s nearly blank
What little information they did give was riddled with blatant lies.

Election year is here!

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Pandemic reaches 2 million cases in the U.S. as many states see surge of patients
Trump’s mismanagement threatens to take another massive toll on the U.S.

Trump stokes racist flames with wildly disrespectful restart to campaign events
The president will hold his first rally on Juneteenth at the site of America’s bloodiest racist massacre of the 20th century

Ex-judge tapped to review Flynn case blasts Trump DOJ: “Everything about this is irregular”
The retired judge, John Gleeson, said the Justice Department had improperly bowed to the president’s will.

More than 1,20 former Justice Dept. workers call for probe of Barr’s role in gassing peaceful protesters
Trump’s lawless AG led an un-American, authoritarian crackdown that violated first amendment rights, and his agency’s veterans refused to let him get away with it.


This is America…

You gotta be kidding (nope)


Today’s Action: Rethink policing

If these protests have shown us one thing, it’s the ubiquity of police brutality. Against agitated protesters, against peaceful protesters, against non-participating bystanders, and their own anti-bias trainers. Against Black people and also allies. Videos taken across the country (note: this links to a spreadsheet, which contains links to over 600 graphic videos) have flooded the internet, showing the pervasive patterns of violence in our policing institutions.

But we’ve learned more than that. The protests have also highlighted police practices that undermine the idea that this is just a few bad apples. A Reuters study discovered that the majority of police union contracts in major cities build in no-accountability stipulations such as erasing disciplinary records on a regular schedule, making fining and firing repeat offenders nearly impossible. Half of the contracts allow officers to examine all evidence against them before being questioned on disciplinary hearings. On top of that, the FBI has identified a growing infiltration of right-wing extremists into law enforcement.

Systemically racist and stocked with surplus military equipment that unnecessarily escalates tension, law enforcement is at war with minority communities they are meant to serve. And just as importantly, we must depend on law enforcement to respond to issues that they simply aren’t qualified to handle. For example, mental health needs, lack of housing, and drug abuse are problems better solved with boosted mental healthcare, emergency housing, and drug counseling. Improved education and after-school programs for at-risk youth are proven to lower crime rates if communities have the funding for the programs.

We would not “need” to call on law enforcement nearly as much if we addressed the root of the problems they are called for. And, set aside crime rates for a moment…actually addressing and funding the needs (housing, food, education, healthcare, and more) would mean a VAST improvement of quality of life in our Black communities and beyond!

Revolutionary change for the better is possible and it has begun. Minneapolis has pledged to dismantle its police department and build a new model for public safety. Camden, NJ disbanded its police department in 2012 and rebuilt community-oriented policing from scratch, and has achieved a 42% drop in violent crimes.

Our Black communities have issued an unignorable proclamation that the current system is deadly and beyond reform. It’s time for our leaders to listen, defund, and re-imagine.

Call, email, and/or tweet at your local government leadership, and tell them to defund law enforcement and reinvest in community-driven public safety programs that enrich Black communities instead of killing them.

PS — Please don’t forget to sign the petition calling on Congress to rename bases that are named for Confederate generals, and check out the brilliant “Don’t Think of an Elephant” by George Lakoff — a quick read that contains the ultimate keys for Democrats to win elections — and arguments.


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