Trump throws supporters under the bus over his racism

Join Jon Stewart in demanding Trump and Senate Republicans get 9/11 first responders the care they deserve NOW!


Today’s Action: Continue to push to #CloseTheCamps

Today’s Top Stories:

Unsealed warrants directly implicate Trump in porn star hush money felony

Just when Trump thought his legal troubles were over, a judge found a way to reel him back in.

Take Action: Charge Rep. Gaetz with witness tampering for threatening Michael Cohen.

VIDEO OF THE DAY: Trump desperately throws supporters under the bus over rally chant

When called out for his disgusting bigotry, the president blamed his followers.

Take Action: Demand Republicans to join Democrats in condemning Trump’s hateful, racist tweets!

People in all 50 states are outsmarting the dirty energy industry with this online service

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Trump says U.S. “destroyed” Iranian drone near Strait of Hormuz
The predictable escalation after Trump ended the Iran nuclear deal continues.

Take Action: Revoke Trump’s ability to wage war without Congressional approval!

Ilhan Omar returns home to the surprise of her career

The president really should have seen this coming…

13 Philadelphia police officers suspended “with intent to dismiss” for racist social media posts
More than 70 cops were taken off the streets in crackdowns on bigoted behavior.

House votes to raise minimum wage, uniting Dems after months-long struggle
The Democrats’ action would lift 1.3 million Americans out of poverty and raise wages for 26 million more.

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Today’s Action: Continue to push to #CloseTheCamps

Vice President Mike Pence visited our concentration camps and pretended everything was fine, while communities pushed back against ICE’s much-publicized raids. And Trump announced migrants who first pass through other countries must first apply for asylum there before applying at our borders, thus illegally denying support to nearly all Central and South Americans in need.

All in one week.

And Congress – including some Democrats – is on the verge of awarding Trump a $387 million slush fund for even more hate-fueled deportation camps, raids, and more in the upcoming budget.

It is more important than ever, for the sake of those suffering, for those who have no resources, and for our own individual and national consciences that we do not give up, do not back down during this time of crisis. If you’ve already called, it’s time to call again, and keep calling until they #CloseTheCamps.

Two actions to take TODAY:

  1. Email or call (202.224.3121) your Members of Congress. Tell them to #DefundHate by cutting the budget for ICE and CBP in the Department of Homeland Security appropriations bill, and remove entirely the $387 million slush fund.
  2. Call or email your Governor, and demand they immediately shut down any privately-run concentration camps in your state, and put the pressure on the White House to remove any federally-run camps. Or, tweet at them with hashtag #CloseTheCamps.

We have to wonder whether some Democrats voting to fund these policies truly have the backs of those they claim to represent and believe in the values that we — their grassroots supporters, donors, and voters — hold. Just like the GOP, they too must be brought into the light and held accountable. This is our chance to do just that, and it is our moral responsibility to seize our moment.


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