Trump throws tantrum after Obama trolls him on economy

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Trump's sabotage of Obama's Clean Power Plan is expected to kill 1,400 people/year. Stop him before it's too late!


Today’s Top Stories:

Trump throws furious tantrum after Obama takes credit for his strong economic recovery

Trump has spent his entire presidency trying to take credit for Obama’s economy and couldn’t take it when his predecessor called him out.

Take Action: Tell the Justice Department: Reject Trump’s “hereby demand” for baseless investigation into Obama administration

GOP Senator Cotton repeats dangerous coronavirus conspiracy theory, despite evidence
Coronavirus conspiracy theories have, predictably, spread from the Republican fringe to the Republican mainstream.

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Check out this week’s episode: Trump gets into a Barr fight (or did he?)

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Social media erupts in fury as Trump attends white nationalist wedding at his hotel
Stephen Miller, the architect of the child separation policy got married last night, and social media would not let him forget it.

Take Action: Demand the immediate firing of Trump’s white supremacist advisor Stephen Miller!

Federal judges’ group holds emergency meeting to deal with growing William Barr judicial crisis
The Justice Department’s unprecedented intervention in the sentencing of Trump’s crony has prompted drastic action from America’s judges.

Take Action: Tell Congress to impeach Trump’s corrupt Attorney General, William Barr!

Jeff Bezos commits $10 billion to fight climate change
The Amazon founder announced a new fund to back scientists, activists and organizations working to mitigate the impact of climate change.

Take Action: Demand America’s governors move forward with climate solutions where Trump has failed!

Barr tried to interfere in criminal probe of Turkish bank after Erdogan went to Trump
A new report makes it clear that there is no matter the Attorney General won’t stick his fingers in on Trump’s behalf.

Election year is here!

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Bill Barr’s predecessor in George HW Bush administration calls for him to resign in scathing op-ed
“The fundamental problem is that he does not believe in the central tenet of our system of government—that no person is above the law.”

Lawmakers push back against Trump’s plan to divert military money for wall
The president’s scheme to build his wall is riling those who appropriated the funds he’s stealing.

Bill Taylor dismisses Ukraine conspiracy theories: ‘No one took it seriously’
The respected former ambassador called Trump’s conspiracy “fake.”


Today’s Action: Write letters NOW to get out the vote in November

At best, about 60% of eligible Americans turn out to vote during presidential election years. With one of the most divisive presidents in history, this year’s turnout is predicted to be higher…on both sides.

Trump lost the popular vote in 2016 by 2.9 million votes – but he won enough votes in enough key states to win the electoral college. With high turnout expected from Republicans, we must focus all our efforts on turning those purple states blue.

Use Vote Forward to write letters to Democratic voters in key swing states to help Get Out The Vote this November – then mark your calendar to mail the letters on October 27th. Start in February and make a goal to add 40+ letters to your pile each month!

There are millions of registered Democratic voters in swing states to reach between now and November, to push that progressive turnout percentage to an all-time high. But if we try to get to them all in the last weekend before Voting Day, we physically could not succeed.

Slow-but-steady wins the race. Writing letters and stockpiling them over the next nine months is one of the best ways to make high-impact personal contact with other voters, especially if you live in a safely blue (or impossibly red) area.

We have the votes to defeat Trump…but we don’t necessarily have them in the right places yet. Let’s change that.

Get Out The Vote and defeat Trump by writing letters to Democratic voters in key swing states. Then, be sure to mail the letters on October 27th. Committing to writing 40+ letters a month means personally contacting over 350 voters this November!

PS — Please don’t forget to sign the petition to stop Trump’s sabotage of Obama’s Clean Power Plan before it’s too late, and check out the brilliant “Don’t Think of an Elephant” by George Lakoff — a quick read that contains the ultimate keys for Democrats to win elections — and arguments.


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