Trump told military to ‘beat the f*ck’ out of protesters

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Top Stories for June 25:

Trump told military to “beat the f*ck” out of BLM protesters, “crack their skulls”

Joint Chiefs Chairman Gen. Mark Milley was often the lone voice of opposition during heated Oval Office meetings, at one point telling Stephen Miller to stay in his lane and “shut the f*ck up.”

Take Action: Reduce the US military budget after withdrawing from Afghanistan!

VIDEO OF THE DAY: Giuliani’s son melts down on camera after Rudy loses law license

Andrew Giuliani was none too pleased with the suspension of his father’s law license for, well, basically lying all the damn time, so he did what any reasonable son would do — he played the victim the card.

Take Action: Add your name to call on Congress to end America’s massive backlog of untested rape kits!

Manchin makes STUNNING move on For The People Act

No Lie with Brian Tyler Cohen: Whoa!

Biden announces bipartisan infrastructure agreement with senators
The bipartisan framework is the result of weeks of negotiations and is seen as an early step in a broader negotiation over Biden’s calls for more than $2 trillion in new spending.

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Mike Pence contradicts Trump on MAGA insurrection, calling plan to decertify 2020 election “un-American”
The ex-president’s former no. 2 dutifully did his crooked boss’s bidding for four solid years, but now he’s distancing himself as he ponders his own run in 2024.

Take Action: Tell DOJ: No white supremacists in federal law enforcement!

House GOP leader to finally meet with Capitol officer hurt during MAGA attack on Capitol

Officer Michael Fanone has said for weeks that he wanted to meet with Rep. Kevin McCarthy, who has opposed an independent commission investigating the disgraceful attack and has remained loyal to the ex-president.

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Kraken lawyer and pillow guy are using Dominion’s defamation suit to boost the election fraud claims that got them sued
Trump allies Sidney Powell and Mike Lindell used a court hearing Thursday to make clear they aren’t backing off baseless election fraud conspiracy theories — even as they argued for a judge to dismiss billion-dollar lawsuits that accuse them of defamation for pushing those very same claims.

NDLB releases first ad of the campaign, and it pulls no punches

No Dem Left Behind: “Republicans are terrorists.”

Ex-cop Derek Chauvin set to be sentenced for the murder of George Floyd
Chauvin, 45, was convicted in April on charges of second-degree unintentional murder, third-degree murder, and second-degree manslaughter for his role in Floyd’s death.

Republican official in Ohio faces charge for voting twice in November election
Finally! The smoking gun the GOP has been looking for was right under its own nose the whole time.

Biden backers sue “Trump Train” members, police over campaign bus incident
Just a friendly reminder that a mob of MAGA motorists in Texas violated the Ku Klux Klan Act of 1871 by engaging in coordinated voter intimidation by surrounding a Biden campaign bus while traveling down a busy highway, endangering the lives of everyone on board.

Sean Hannity fires opening salvo in Fox News civil war over Tucker Carlson’s “gutless” gossiping
“Some people at Fox apparently don’t like me, and said bad things about me gutlessly behind my back,” Hannity said. (Psst. It’s not just your coworkers, Sean.)





Today’s Action: Demand the senate secure key needs cut out of the infrastructure bill

Yesterday, a bipartisan group of Senators met with President Biden to pitch their negotiations on the infrastructure bill — and Biden signed off on the plan. He did this with the stipulation, however, that the bill be passed in tandem with a reconciliation bill that makes up for priorities cut out of the deliberations.

But we’re still a long way from knowing the final package and, because funding provisions are filibuster-proof, Democrats get to set the terms. We need our leaders to make it absolutely certain that essential needs in the original package remain prioritized.

Universal preschool, community college access, and funding for renewable energy are NOT negotiable. Call (202.224.3121) or email your Senators and demand they guarantee a path forward on critical infrastructure needs cut out of bipartisan conversations!

The original infrastructure package introduced by the Biden Administration included spending solutions that would work to expand our economy, begin to address the climate crisis, and revitalize key aspects of American life. We NEED funding for schools, for bridges and roads, for broadband, and for green energy, plus key supports for children and families. The original proposed plan addresses these necessities, and we cannot allow those solutions to be weakened for a hollow show of cooperation — especially not with people whose stated goal is to see Democrats fail. These priorities are indispensable because our communities’ futures are indispensable.

We need our leaders to keep the American people in the focus. Call or email your Senators and tell them that investing in education and the climate is non-negotiable!

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