Trump intern makes white power sign in official photo

Don't let a judge overturn rapist Brock Turner's sexual assault conviction!

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White power

One of Trump’s interns makes a white power sign in a presidential photo
The brazen racism in the end of the year photo is causing a major headache for the White House.

Take Action: Demand Trump fire the white supremacists in the White House! (Note: Two prominent white nationalists have left the White House this year, but several remain in high ranking positions and must go.)

Trump declares war on his newest Twitter enemy, but there’s a problem
His confused attack left everyone scratching their heads.

arcadia power computer

People in all 50 states are outsmarting the dirty energy industry with this online service
OD Action Partner: Arcadia Power is offering a way for all Americans to join the green power movement — fee. No installation, no contract, $20 off your next electric bill.

Global warm

Trump tweets the most disgusting “joke” of his presidency
He tried to be funny and failed miserably.

Take Action: Sign the petition telling U.S. Governors to join the Climate Alliance and resist Trump’s efforts to destroy our planet and economy!

Oregon Appeals Court Issues Bombshell Ruling In Gay Couple-Bakery Case
The case left the nation holding its breath. Now, it was finally put to rest.

Take Action: Help fight homophobia in our communities. Read this guide on 10 ways you can support gay rights.


Alabama officials respond to Moore’s request to delay finalizing election results (WATCH)
Roy Moore tried to postpone the results. Now, a final decision has been made.

Take Action: Sign the petition demanding that Amazon not allow Roy Moore to profit from his bigoted views. Amazon, don’t sell Roy Moore’s sexist book!

Roy Moore campaign issues a public threat to Alabama officials over election loss
The failed candidate’s dangerous warning has set social media alight.


Get the gear that’s got Trump’s panties in a bunch
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