Trump unveils his terrifying plan to deport American citizens

reject Trump's deportation plan

Today’s Action: Demand a clean Dreamer act!

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The Trump administration unveils their terrifying plan to deport American citizens
Not even being an American citizen can keep you safe anymore.

Federal judge delivers a deadly blow to Trump’s DACA plans in bombshell ruling
The stunning late-night decision devastated the President’s draconian agenda.

Take Action: Tell your Members of Congress to stand up for the Dreamers. Use Indivisible’s excellent call script to let your MOC’s know exactly how you feel!



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The Russian “dossier” firm’s testimony was finally made public, and Trump will be livid.

Take Action: Sign the petition demanding that Trump not fire Special Prosecutor Mueller!

Trump wins his first award as president, and a Twitter fit is imminent
The so-called president finally got his big-boy prize — but not the one he hoped for.

Today’s Action: Demand a clean Dreamer act!

Last night, America’s Dreamers got some much needed relief when a U.S. District Judge issued an injunction against President Trump’s attempts to deport 800,000 young people brought to the U.S. as children. The ruling states that President Obama’s protection must remain in place until several lawsuits have played out.

This is a major victory, but it is also temporary. So the fight is far from over.

Trump hopes to begin deportations starting in March, and Congress has the power to stop this once and for all by passing the bipartisan DREAM Act.

Contact your Members of Congress today and tell them to pass the DREAM Act immediately and give these young people the security they deserve.

In negotiations, however, Trump is using these innocent young people — most of whom have never known any home but the United States — as leverage to secure some of his most insidious plans, including a Mexican border wall and deportations of asylum seekers.

That means it’s not enough that Democrats fight for the DREAM Act, we must also demand they keep it clean of Trump’s political bile.

Call your Members of Congress at 202.224.3121 and demand they fight for a DREAM Act WITHOUT any of Trump’s bigoted schemes.

Tell them 800,000 young lives are looking to them to make the right choice – and so are you.

PS — Please don’t forget to sign the petition telling Congress to reject Trump’s cruel deportation plan, and join the Americans telling the Senate to decriminalize marijuana!