Trumpers’ big DC rally flops in pathetic fashion

Tell President Biden to take action against DeSantis for his reckless pandemic response!


Top Stories for September 19:

Pathetic turnout for Trumpers’ “justice for J6” rally

The right-wing rally at the Capitol turned out to be a forum for random grievances, and an opportunity to dress like Batman.

Take Action: Demand the Jan 6th select committee subpoena Trump and insurrectionist-supporting Republicans NOW

States that ended COVID unemployment benefits see no boost in job growth
Republicans told us they had to be cruel to be kind. Turns out, they’re just cruel.

Take Action: Condemn Rand Paul for leaving first responders in the cold!

Retired Major Richard Ojeda breaks down the treasonous final days of the Trump presidency

No Dem Left Behind: The Democratic star exposes the military coup that almost was.

Texas doctor says he performed an abortion that’s illegal under SB 8 in order to test law’s legality
“I can’t just sit back and watch us return to 1972,” Dr. Alan Braid writes in Washington Post editorial.

Take Action: Add your name to repeal the Hyde Amendment and make abortion safe, legal, and affordable!

Biden’s child tax credit pays big in Republican states, popular with voters
Once again, American families are better off with Democrats in charge. But will they remember on Election Day?

Take Action: Call out Republicans taking credit for the Rescue Plan they opposed!

Donald Trump Jr. mocks undercover law enforcement at failed DC rally
They’re like totally pro-law enforcement. Except when they’re not.

Fears of US government shutdown as debt ceiling game of chicken begins
Republicans continue to make the argument that government is bad by using their power to sabotage it at the people’s expense. (Power hack: Stop electing Republicans.)

FINALLY – promising news on voting rights legislation!

No Lie with Brian Tyler Cohen: About time.

Haitians on Texas border are undeterred by US plan to expel them
…your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free…

Reich: House Democrats are scared to tax billionaires – that’s a costly mistake
The popular position is popular and effective, and it’s time for all Democrats get onboard.

Take Action: Tell President Biden to tax the wealthy to fund the infrastructure plan!

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