Trump’s back room plot to overturn election exposed

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Larry King dies at 87, weeks after Covid diagnosis

Top Stories for January 23:

Trump plotted with a sympathetic DOJ lawyer to appoint a loyalist as acting attorney general to help him overturn the election

The disgraced ex-president backed down only after a group of top DOJ officials threatened to resign if acting Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen was ousted.

VIDEO OF THE DAY: GOP rep makes feeble attempt to defend her vote to overturn election on air. It did not go well

Perpetuating absurd lies on repeat, then pointing to the public’s concern over said falsehoods is a worn-out tactic in the modern GOP playbook, and CNN’s Erin Burnett wasn’t having any of it.

Take Action: Add your name to support Jamaal Bowman’s bill to investigate the police misconduct and incompetence that allowed for Trump extremists to ransack the Capitol.

As Biden urges pandemic responsibility, one man searches for a perfect workout without — hitting the gym
American Refugee: In the latest episode, “Burpees,” Sam takes an unexpected journey full of sweat and safety.

Schumer smacks down McConnell’s ultimatum and makes it clear who’s in charge
The newly demoted Senate minority leader tried his old tricks but is learning the hard way that they’re not going to work this time.

Take Action: Expel Senators Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley from the Senate!

Biden signs executive orders speeding stimulus checks, expanding food aid, and upping minimum wage for federal workers

The President of the United States is making a profound and positive impact on people’s lives.

Texas Supreme Court rebukes Alex Jones, allows Sandy Hook families to sue InfoWars into the ground
The right-wing conspiracy theorist lies caused pain and suffering for those grieving unimaginable heartache, and now, he will pay the price.

Take Action: Demand the Senate convict Trump and bar him from running again!

Trump paid $2.7 million to organizers of Jan. 6th rally that led to deadly right-wing coup attempt
Several organizers listed on the event permit granted by the National Parks Service previously held positions within the Trump campaign or had close ties to those who did.

Biden halts oil and gas leases, permits on US land and water
The president has suspended new leases and permits on US lands and waters for 60 days as officials move to reverse the disastrous energy and environmental policies of the previous administration.

Take Action: Tell President Biden to stop the destructive Minnesota oil pipeline that tramples indigenous land and endangers the envirnment!

Jill Biden thanks Guard members with chocolate chip cookies
The first lady took an unannounced detour to the Capitol on Friday to deliver chocolate chip cookies to National Guard members, thanking them “for keeping me and my family safe” during the inauguration.

Breonna Taylor jurors want Kentucky AG Daniel Cameron impeached
Three grand jurors from Taylor’s case are calling for Cameron to be impeached after he allegedly misrepresented their findings in the case, stating they were “terribly misused by the most powerful law enforcement official in Kentucky.”

President Biden pushing popular child tax credit expansion to $3000 or more per child
The proposal currently being crafted by Democrats would expand the tax credit by a thousand dollars or more per child, to be doled out in monthly installments instead of annually during tax season.



Yes. Seriously.


PS — Please don’t forget to sign the petition telling President Biden’s FDA to remove dangerous, unnecessary barriers to safe abortions immediately, and get your copy of the delightful “I Think You’re Wrong (But I’m Listening)” by Pantsuit Politics hosts, Sarah Stewart Holland and Beth A. Silvers, a fun read to help us cope with the aftermath of a post-Trump America.


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