Trump’s border troops violently attack moms and kids

Tell the Senate: Reject Trump’s nomination of a lawless, racist extremist to a lifetime judgeship!


Today’s Action: Tell your Senators to oppose racist Thomas Farr for District Court

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Border photo

Trump’s border patrol violently attacks women and children seeking asylum at the border
All hell has broken loose as peaceful asylum seekers arrive at San Diego’s point of entry.

Take Action: Demand an investigation into the infant who died in one of Trump’s child detention facilities.

Trump thanks himself in a tweet dripping with propaganda and self-serving spin
Trump woke up on and set out to mislead the American public while stroking his own fragile ego.

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Trump-lover Alan Dershowitz admits Trump is toast as Mueller’s Russia probe wraps up
Even Trump’s biggest legal defender has seen the light.

Take Action: Sign the petition to stop Trump from firing Special Prosecutor Mueller!

Trump lashes out at Hillary in pathetic, transparent attempt to distract from his own legal crisis
The president put his insecurities on full display with this telling Twitter attack.

Take Action: Sign the petition to demand investigation of the Trumps’ illegal ties to the Saudi Royal Family after murder cover-up!

Trump whines that his child separtation policy is the same as Obama’s (it’s not)

The President attacks “60 Minutes” as fake news but can’t survive the fact check.

Trump aide Papadopoulos to report to prison today
A judge denied his appeal to remain free and the Trump train to prison begins.

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Today’s Action: Tell your Senators to oppose racist Thomas Farr for District Court

The Senate will vote this week on Trump’s pick, Thomas Farr, for US District Court for North Carolina. And 50 Senators – the full Democratic caucus plus Jeff Flake (R-AZ) – have announced they will vote against him.

With good reason. Since the 1990’s, Farr has created and defended some of the most extreme anti-Black voter suppression laws in our country, in the very district Trump seeks to place him.

It’s disgusting. But we have a chance to stop it from happening. We only need ONE more Republican to vote against Farr to keep him out of the courts.

If your Senators are Republicans, email or call them TODAY and demand they oppose Thomas Farr for US District Court. Farr’s agenda of anti-Black voter suppression would be disgraceful in our courts. If your Senators are Democrats, urge them to hold strong in this vote.

Farr’s history of voter suppression against people of color runs deep. As an attorney in North Carolina, Farr defended GOP gerrymandering, a discriminatory voter I.D. law, a reduction in early voting days, and the elimination of same-day voting registration.

The NAACP said it best: “Even among dangerous Trump nominees Farr stands out for his decades-long crusade to disenfranchise African Americans… [He] helped turn North Carolina into ground zero for voter suppression. His nomination is a travesty. His confirmation would be heresy.”

And we just need *one* Republican to wake up and recognize this. Pick up your phone.

Republican Senators: call (202.224.3121) or email them today and demand they oppose Thomas Farr for US District Court. Democratic Senators: call or email them and thank them for supporting the voting rights of people of color.

PS — Please don’t forget to sign the petition telling the Senate to reject Trump’s nomination of a lawless, racist extremist to a lifetime judgeship, and check out the brilliant “Don’t Think of an Elephant” by George Lakoff — a quick read that contains the ultimate keys for Democrats to win elections — and arguments.


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