Trump’s chief of staff calls out his insurrection lies

Fire every ICE officer involved in deporting 22 infants and children, despite Biden’s deportation moratorium!


Top Stories for March 28:

Trump’s own chief of staff calls the disgraced ex-President’s Capitol riot claims “manifestly false”

Mick Mulvaney was complicit in many of the most horrific ploys of the Trump regime, but now as he tries to rebuild his shattered reputation, he is calling his former boss a liar.

AOC exposes Amazon’s lies with its own email scolding drivers for leaving bags of poop in trucks
After insisting their drivers don’t have to relieve themselves in bags and bottles, the progressive rep, pulled out the receipts that show Amazon is well aware of the disgusting conditions they put their workers in.

Take Action: Add your name to demand a wealth tax so the super rich finally pay their fair share!

Top Democrats change position in MAJOR filibuster update

No Lie with Brian Tyler Cohen: Finally.

Minnesota Supreme Court rules woman cannot be raped if victim willingly got drunk
The justices ruled that the state’s definition of “mentally incapacitated” does not include voluntarily inebriated victims… which is just revolting.

Take Action: Demand every state address the growing backlog of untested rape kits!

Montana’s Republican senator openly pines for the good old days of locally made meth
Steve Daines publicly blasted Mexican imports of meth, apparently encouraging Americans to buy local.

Mother of 6 fatally shot in road rage episode
Another senseless tragedy thanks to the NRA/Republican freeflow of guns on American streets.

Take Action: Demand the Senate pass common sense gun safety laws!

CNN reporter publicly calls out FOX News for lying about Biden fact-checks
Dan Bongino’s attempt to make Trump a victim of mean liberal fact-checkers was immediately fact-checked, with embarrassing results!

Virginia Beach police chief admit he has no idea if Black man ahot by officer was armed
Donovon Lynch, 25, died at the hands of police during the response to a chaotic firefight.

Take Action: Add your name to support Rep Courtney’s bill to prevent workplace violence!

Asian American official in Ohio shows scars from US Army service in meeting after racists challenge his patriotism
Is that patriot enough?

Montana’s Republican governor traps, kills protected Yellowstone wolf
The notoriously cruel Gianforte has a lot of explaining to do.

Myanmar’s military junta kills 114 civilians in one day
A UN official called the brutal crackdown “mass murder.”


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