Top Trump executive ensnared in criminal tax scheme

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Top Stories for June 22:

Trump’s ex-bodyguard and COO under investigation as New York probe intensifies

COO Matthew Calamari, who once served as the ex-president’s bodyguard, and his son are reportedly under investigation for receiving illegal tax-free perks in the form of luxury housing.

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VIDEO OF THE DAY: Chris Wallace calls out Lindsey Graham to his face for lying

Sen. Lindsey Graham talked himself in circles on Fox News, rejecting any meaningful compromise to thwart GOP efforts to restrict voting rights following the watershed 2020 election.

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Manchin makes STUNNING move on For The People Act

No Lie with Brian Tyler Cohen: Whoa!

GOP threatens to shut down Tennessee Department of Health for “pushing vaccines on children”
Far-right Republicans in the Tennessee state legislature is threatening to dissolve the state’s health department after falsely accusing it of targeting minors for mass vaccinations without parental consent.

Court blocks judge’s decision to overturn California’s assault weapons ban
US District Judge Roger Benitez ruled earlier this month that the ban was unconstitutional and likened the AR-15 to a Swiss Army knife, but the US 9th Circuit Court of Appeals has now granted a stay, pending appeal.

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With historic tax credits set to kick in, White House seeks infrastructure momentum

President Biden’s American Rescue Plan increased the child tax credit from $2,000 to $3,000 per child aged 6 to 17, and $3,600 for children under 6. Most Americans who qualify will automatically see monthly payments starting in July.

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Trump Organization sues New York City for canceling golf course contract after Capitol riot
The one-term, twice-impeached disgraced ex-president is back to doing what he does best — suing people who did the right thing.

Into the Florida Everglades to hunt invasive species, displaced and trying to survive. Or is it just evolution?

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Dangerous delta variant of virus could dominate in US within weeks
The variant, first identified in India, is the most contagious yet and, among those not yet vaccinated, may trigger serious illness in more people than other variants do, say scientists tracking the spread of infection.

Bernie Sanders signals openness to Manchin’s voting rights compromise
Manchin’s proposal, which was previously endorsed by voting rights champion Stacey Abrams, includes several key provisions found in the For the People Act, including declaring Election Day a public holiday, expanding early voting to at least 15 consecutive days, and banning partisan gerrymandering.

Progressives crank up filibuster pressure on Sinema with million-dollar ad buy in Arizona
The ad campaign bluntly accuses the Democratic senator of putting a “Jim Crow relic” above voting rights, which are languishing in the face of obstinate GOP obstruction.

FBI agent acknowledges in court filing that Trump backers discussed “revolution” before Jan. 6 insurrection
Language in an FBI court document contrasts with how Director Wray has portrayed what experts call a vast trove of intel pointing to potential violence.





Today’s Action: The For The People Act vote is likely TODAY! 

It’s expected that today is the day Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) will force a vote on the essential For The People Act.

Democracy is nothing without ALL citizens having the right to free and equal elections. It is absolutely ridiculous that there are millions of eligible voters who have been, and continue to be, disenfranchised election after election – with many of their elected leaders working to add new obstacles to their votes. The For The People Act of 2021 is highly necessary and highly overdue.

This moment is critical! Call or email your Senators TODAY. Demand Democrats do EVERYTHING in their power to pass the For The People Act of 2021 – the vote is expected TODAY. Tell Republicans you’ll be watching closely to see if they vote against our democracy.

The For The People Act is an overhaul of election accessibility, transparency, and security. It creates a national voter registration program, makes Election Day a national holiday, and puts an end to gerrymandering and voter roll purges. It also implements campaign finance reform, limits foreign lobbying, and requires SuperPACS to disclose donors. It even includes support for a constitutional amendment to repeal Citizens United. Unless these measures are passed soon, our 2022 midterm elections will see millions of would-be voters suppressed — mostly people of color and the poor.

Our Senators must understand the urgency of the situation. The For the People Act is exactly what our communities need at this moment, and we elected them to deliver.

The vote is expected TODAY. Email or call (202.224.3121) your Senators and tell them to stop racist GOP voter suppression by passing the For The People Act by any means necessary. 

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