Trump’s anti-FBI lies fall apart with bombshell revelation

Tell Bank of America: Stop screwing poor people with hidden fees!

Today’s Action: Don’t let Trump abandon Puerto Rico

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Trump’s narrative that FBI is out to get him falls apart with new bombshell revelation
Trump said text messages proved bias, but this stunning development ended his ruse.

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The FBI finally hits back at Trump and Nunes over their crooked memo schemes
Our nation’s top law enforcement agency turned the tables on the Republican Party.

Trump’s CDC Director who got caught buying tobacco stocks pays the price in a big way
First, her sickening ploy was exposed. Now, she’s getting what she deserves.

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Alyssa Milano gives Trump the worst morning news about his State of the Union speech
The actress brilliantly hit him right where it hurts.

Sources reveal Trump asked the Deputy Attorney General for a Russia probe ‘loyalty pledge’
Mueller’s obstruction of justice investigation got a major boost.

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Today’s Action: Don’t let Trump abandon Puerto Rico

In the wake of the most deceptive and compassionless State of the Union address in our lifetimes, it’s easy to feel helpless. But the facts say otherwise.

We’ve had two massive victories this week, thanks to your continued efforts — and it’s only Thursday!

First, Senate Democrats heard from you and responded, defeating Republicans’ attempt to pass an unconstitutional 20-week abortion ban that threatened women’s health and would have trampled on the right to choose.

Second, just two days after Trump’s FEMA announced that vital aid to Puerto Rico would be cut off this week, the administration caved to the onslaught of pressure and announced that the aid would continue.

These kind of victories are hard to come by for parties out of power, and winning twice in two days is a testament to the work you’re doing.

And exactly why we need to keep up the pressure.

FEMA has agreed to continue life-saving aid for now but is still planning to abandon these Americans in need — soon — and is refusing to purchase any new food or water for residents. You know what to do…

Contact your Members of Congress (202.224.3121) and demand they keep the pressure on FEMA to provide desperately needed aid for Puerto Rico.

Four months after Hurricane Maria, an estimated 35% of Puerto Ricans are still without electricity and running water. Puerto Rico is entitled to the same aid as any state with emergency needs, and yet Trump continues to treat Puerto Ricans as expendable, expressing contempt and apathy, when they have deserve compassion and respect — as if he doesn’t even know they have the same rights as any other American citizen.

But we know. And so does our law.

Call your Members of Congress at 202.224.3121 and demand their full support of Puerto Ricans.

Because it’s working.

PS — Please don’t forget to sign the petition telling Bank of America to stop screwing poor people with hidden fees, and join the Americans demanding Congress protect Dreamers NOW!