Trump’s Mar-a-Lago hobbled by virus outbreak

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Top Stories for March 20:

Sections of Trump’s Mar-a-Lago forced to shut down due to virus outbreak

The disgraced ex-president’s resort in Florida has been closed after several staff members tested positive for the deadly virus.

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Lone GOP senator blocks bill banning debt collectors from seizing stimulus checks
Retiring Sen. Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania blocked a bill that would bar private debt collectors from seizing the $1,400 stimulus checks in a cruel blow to some of the nation’s most vulnerable citizens.

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Republicans CAUGHT pulling desperate stunt over relief package

No Lie with Brian Tyler Cohen: Beyond shameless.

Cardi B uses Melania pic to land ultimate dunk on hypocrite Candace Owens
The right-wing commentator was clutching her pearls over Cardi B’s Grammys performance — but the superstar rapper had the last laugh.

Fox News openly roots for Russia in clip about Putin’s absurd “debate” challenge to Biden
“America First,” folks!

QAnon followers think White House’s St. Patrick’s Day lighting was secret message
QAnon conspiracy theorists have decided that a green light illuminating the White House — a celebration of St. Patrick’s Day — was secretly a message confirming that plans to reinstall Trump as president and round up Democrats for trial and execution were still on track.

Outbreak forces Idaho legislature to close its doors for weeks
Idaho Republicans have repeatedly declined to implement basic public health measures such as a mask mandate or the requirement that members physically distance themselves from others.

EXCLUSIVE: Inside Trump’s humanitarian crisis at the border

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Another woman comes forward with yet another sexual harassment claim against Gov. Andrew Cuomo
Alyssa McGrath, a current aide for Cuomo has gone on the record with sexual harassment claims against the embattled New York governor, accusing him of making unwelcome comments about her appearance and checking out her body.

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GOP rep and Cuomo rival also accused of sexual misconduct
Rep. Tom Reed, a New York Republican widely seen as a potential Cuomo challenger, is accused of drunkenly rubbing a female lobbyist’s back and unhooking her bra, without her consent, at a networking event in 2017.

Ohio man arrested for illegally entering Capitol during riot after boasting about it on Facebook
Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

Biden, Harris decry racism during Atlanta visit
President Biden and Vice President Harris offered solace to Asian Americans and denounced the scourge of racism at times hidden “in plain sight” as they visited Atlanta, just days after a white gunman killed eight people, most of them Asian American women.



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