Trump’s, Obama’s Mother’s Day tweets speak volumes

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Demand Trump stop funneling money meant to help working families to the dirty oil companies!


Today’s Top Stories:

A tale of two tweets: comparing Trump’s Mother’s Day post to Obama’s

The two presidents’ vastly different tweets speak volumes about their personalities and character.

Take Action: Demand Trump stop shutting down lifesaving programs just to destroy Obama’s legacy!

VIDEO OF THE DAY: The Obama-Biden administration built the pandemic response apparatus. Trump tore it down

Biden campaign has released a brutally honest video about why America has so catastrophically failed to respond to this outbreak.

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Check out this week’s episode: Side effects of taking the president’s advice include certain death

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Ex-DOJ official cited in Flynn “exoneration” says Barr “twisted” her words in deceptive motion to dismiss
He used her words to justify his unprecedented “exoneration” of a Trump crony. She exposed the big lie.

Take Action: Demand Barr be removed as AG for letting Trump’s cronies get away with felonies!

Trump charges Obama with ‘biggest political crime in American history’ — without actual evidence
The president spent Mother’s Day tweeting angry attacks, including a particularly preposterous claim against his predecessor.

White House adviser admits ‘it’s scary to go to work’ as Trump pushes for reopening
Kevin Hassett acknowledged the workplace risk in a pandemic, even in a White House that has testing and resources its denied to millions of workers nationwide.

Take Action: Learn how to make a protective face mask. (video)

Pence refuses to self-quarantine or stay away from White House after exposure to infected aides
Trump’s team is trying to project strength by endangering those around them.

Election year is here!

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Trump goes on Sunday morning Twitter rampage while promoting the reopening of his golf course
The president took time from his relitigation of the Russia investigation to give his California golf course some free publicity, much to the horror of ethics watchdogs.

Predicted pandemic death toll in the U.S. keeps rising with states reopening and more people moving around
As Trump forges ahead with reopening and governors follow suit, the projected death toll climbs ever higher.

Trump meets with military leaders. No one wears a mask
Watch Lawrence Summers, Obama’s Economic Council Director, tear down Trump for setting a deadly example.

Pence would “be happy” to welcome Michael Flynn back to WH after he confessed to lying to the FBI and the VP himself
The Justice Department abruptly dropped charges against Flynn last week in an unprecedented display of cronyism.


Election 2020

Reality check…


Today’s Action: Overturn the laws that protect the murderers of Ahmaud Arbery

Ahmaud Arbery, a young Black man out on a run in Satilla Shores, Georgia, was hunted down, threatened, and then shot to death by two white men (one an ex-cop) on February 23. The murder was filmed and submitted as evidence. But the two men, a father and son duo, walked free for two months…and were only arrested when the video went viral on social media last week.

Ahmaud Arbery was lynched, though a gun has replaced the historic noose, by racist vigilantes who knew the state laws well. Two laws in particular allow lynching to carry on into the 21st century under the thinly-veiled disguise of self-defense: Open Carry and Stand Your Ground.

45 states have some form of Open Carry law for gun ownership. 30 states have Stand Your Ground/Shoot First laws. Call or email your state legislators to overturn either law that applies to your state: both must be fully repealed across the country to deter white supremacists from murdering more innocent Black Americans.

Open Carry laws allow gun owners to carry firearms visibly in public. Studies show these laws lead to higher rates of aggression, violence, and homicide. Open Carry specifically allows white supremacists to intimidate and threaten their POC targets, and actively impede law enforcement’s ability to respond to very real dangers by confusing credible threats with legally supported rights to bear arms.

Stand Your Ground laws actively encourage individuals to use deadly force, even when non-lethal force or safe retreat is possible. They are a proven hazard to public safety with absolutely no impact on hindering crime – and in our criminal justice system, white-on-black homicide under Stand Your Ground is justified 281% more than white-on-white homicide. In other words: lawful lynching.

The combination of these laws embolden and justify white supremacists to carry out brutal violence against Black Americans, protected by our police forces and racially-charged judicial systems. We cannot bring back Ahmaud Arbery. But we will fight to bring Ahmaud’s murderers to justice – and work to prevent more hateful tragedy.

Check to see if your state has Open Carry and/or Stand Your Ground/Shoot First laws – chances are, it has at least one. Then, call or email your state legislators and demand they overturn them, a necessary step toward eradicating white violence against Black Americans.

PS — Please don’t forget to sign the petition demanding Trump stop funneling money meant to help working families to oil companies, and check out the brilliant “Don’t Think of an Elephant” by George Lakoff — a quick read that contains the ultimate keys for Democrats to win elections — and arguments.


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