Trump’s reckless stunt to look healthy backfires

Charge Trump for recklessly endangering secret service officers!


Top Stories for October 6:

VIDEO OF THE DAY: Trump pulls the single most dangerous stunt of his presidency after hospital release

The president staged a wildly inappropriate made-for-tv return to the White House, removing his mask and desperately attempting to project strength despite being obviously ill.

Take Action: Demand the White House give us the TRUTH about Trump’s health

Claudia Conway posts that Trump is “doing badly lol and they are doing what they can to stabilize him”
All the lies about the president’s health are being exposed by a 15 year-old with the inside scoop and a TikTok account.

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White House press secretary tests positive for virus

Kayleigh McEnany flouted science and best practices before and after the president tested positive, publicly shirking mask usage and refusing to self-quarantine.

Trump tells supporters “don’t be afraid” of virus that has killed more than 210,000 Americans so far
In a message that is sure to infuriate medical doctors trying to keep the country safe, Trump said he has “learned so much” about the virus he contracted, adding “don’t let it dominate. Don’t let it take over your lives.”

White House blocks new FDA virus guidelines in effort to hasten vaccine approval
The FDA first submitted the proposal for new guidelines in late September, but they were immediately rebuffed by Trump and top officials who worried it would delay the release of a vaccine.

Plexiglass to separate Harris and Pence at VP debate against the Trump administration’s objections
The Commission on Presidential Debates approved plans for plexiglass to be used in Wednesday’s vice presidential debate, a move immediately mocked by the Trump administration despite the ongoing outbreak at the White House.

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If Trump is too sick to run for re-election…

No Lie with Brian Tyler Cohen: You’ll want to know this.

Trump fires off manic 16-tweet all-caps spree after beginning steroid treatment
The president kicked off his week with a wild outburst on social media that immediately sparked hilarity.

Trump floating plans to steal election with own slate of state electors, no matter the election results
Trump campaign officials and legal advisers are reportedly preparing to appoint their own state electors as a way to secure victory in a contested election, a move that would precipitate an unprecedented constitutional crisis.

Take Action: Demand Mitch McConnell suspend Supreme Court confirmation proceedings until all senators have tested negative for the pandemic

IRS investigating NRA’s Wayne LaPierre for possible criminal tax fraud
LaPierre, who has led the organization since 1991, is already the subject of a lawsuit by New York’s attorney general for hiding personal benefits and filing false personal tax returns with the IRS.

Bad apples…

Of course.


Today’s Action: The fight for SCOTUS just got even more intense

Trump and McConnell are depending on the narrow Republican majority to force through a historically short confirmation process mere weeks before the election. The GOP has a 53-47 hold in the Senate, and only require a simple majority to confirm Trump’s extreme right-wing majority, Amy Coney Barrett.

But in the past few days, we’ve learned that Trump and nearly a dozen high-ranking GOP officials have tested positive after a maskless, undistanced super-spreader event at the White House to introduce Barrett…including three Republican Senators, two of whom are members of the Senate Judiciary Committee, which threatens their majority.

This plan is now not only a hypocritical rush-job that could overturn abortion rights, protections for pre-existing conditions, gay marriage and so much more…but it’s also now a potential public health crisis to reconvene the Senate to make it happen.

And guess what: there are a few other Trump judicial confirmations planned in addition to Barrett’s, which would aid and abet the GOP agenda for decades to come. So we don’t just want to stop Barrett’s confirmation…we want to stop ALL of them.

Time to obstruct.

Call, email and tweet at your Senators:

Tell DEMOCRATS to use EVERY procedural tool at their disposal over the next three months to slow or block each step of the SCOTUS confirmation – and every other judicial confirmation – until we have a new President. Including: the “two-hour rule,” refusing consent to slow down all legislation, denying quorum, points of order and roll call votes, and delaying the committee vote.

Tell REPUBLICANS that this vote is now a public health crisis and convening with the pandemic inside the halls of Congress is an unacceptable risk for an already-illegitimate confirmation process. Demand they vote against moving forward with the proceedings or confirming any nominee before we have a new President.

RBG would be proud of our fight – in fact, she explicitly called for it before her death. Remember her spirit and passion for justice as you make your daily calls.

PS — Please don’t forget to sign the petition charging Trump for recklessly endangering secret service officers, and check out the brilliant “Don’t Think of an Elephant” by George Lakoff — a quick read that contains the ultimate keys for Democrats to win elections — and arguments.


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