Trump’s sabotage of Obamacare enrollment blows up in his face


Today’s Action: Be ready to respond if Trump fires Mueller

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The final Obamacare enrollment numbers are in and Trump is going to lose it

After a groundswell of support from the grassroots quashed his insidious scheme to take health coverage from 23 million Americans, President Trump set to work sabotaging the Affordable Care Act’s open enrollment period for 2018 to keep Americans from getting the care they need.
It did not go as he planned… [more]

Today’s Action: Get ready to respond if Trump Fires Mueller

President Trump has already fired one person — former FBI Director James Comey — for investigating his campaign’s more questionable activities, and now, he is openly considering firing another — Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller.

Per MoveOn, “This would be a constitutional crisis for our country. It would demand an immediate and unequivocal response to show that we will not tolerate abuse of power from Donald Trump.”

The good folks at MoveOn have already prepared that response, and we must all be ready to join in the fight to preserve the rule of law against the threat of our lawless president.

Visit to make sure you’re ready for the crisis that would unfold if Trump fires Mueller. MoveOn’s emergency response site prepares for numerous scenarios and lets you know where you’ll be able to find an emergency rally near you.

Hopefully, it won’t come to this. But if the first year of Trump’s presidency has taught us anything it’s that we cannot count on this lawless, self-serving president to do the right thing unless we force his hand.

So visit and make sure you’re ready to fight back.

PS — Please don’t forget to sign the petition telling the Senate not to confirm Trump’s unqualified crony to a lifetime judgeship, and join the thousands of Americans demanding Trump’s Attorney General Jeff Sessions be charged with perjury and obstruction of justice!