Trump’s Treasury chief calls unemployed ‘not relevant’


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BREAKING: UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson tests positive for COVID-19

Today’s Top Stories:

Trump’s Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin, once called the ‘foreclosure king,’ dismisses unemployed as ‘not relevant’

They’re going to give nearly unchecked power to dole out trillions of dollars to a guy who just called over 3 million new unemployment claims ‘not relevant.’

Take Action: Tell Trump & Congress: Expand assistance to needy families in this pandemic — DON’T CUT THEM!

VIDEO OF THE DAY: Reporter calls Trump out point blank for re-opening country to help in election

CBS’s Paula Reid wasn’t pulling any punches as the corrupt president’s planned to endanger the lives of millions.

Take Action: Check out the WHO’s list of precautions you can take to avoid infection WITHOUT panicking.

Check out this week’s episode: How Trump turned a natural crisis into a manmade disaster

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Trump whines he “inherited a broken situation” and that “nobody ever thought” this could happen
Trump tried to pass the buck of responsibility, but commentators were quick to expose his outrageous lies.

Trump touts great success as US becomes world’s worst virus epicenter
Even as his horrendous response has paved the way for America claiming the most COVID cases in the world, killing more than 1,000 Americans, the president brags.

Take Action: Tell Trump to stop self-congratulating and scapegoating and get hospitals the tools they need to save lives!

Dr. Fauci throws cold water on Trump’s target of Easter to reopen the country: ‘An aspirational projection’
The self-serving president’s delusional promises could get people killed.

Pastor who claimed COVID-19 ‘hysteria’ was plot against Trump dies from virus
“As long as I walk in the light of that law [of the Spirit of life], no germ will attach itself to me.”

Election year is here!

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As House readies vote on emergency relief package, Pelosi warns against ‘selfish’ lawmakers disrupting vote
Angry rank-and-file lawmakers spent Thursday scrambling to find flights to D.C. so they could be present for a potential roll call vote.

White supremacist allegedly plotting to bomb hospital of virus victims is shot in arrest attempt
An act of heinous terrorism was stopped just in time.

48 year-old nurse dies in New York hospital where workers are reduced to using trash bags as protective medical gear
One person has the power to address this deadly deficiency, and Trump continues to refuse.

Trump cancels deal to provide 80,000 life-saving coronavirus ventilators
Even as he supports a $2 trillion economic stimulus, the president decided $1 billion was too much to save American lives.

Union locates 39 million N95 masks for healthcare workers
As the president lets people die by refusing to provide lifesaving gear, unions are stepping in to fill the void.

McConnell goes full Trump in response to a reporter’s question: “Do you work here?”
It appears the president’s dangerous hostility to the media is spreading throughout his party.

Internal emails show how chaos at CDC slowed the early response to coronavirus
The CDC fumbled its communication with public health officials and underestimated the threat of the coronavirus even as it gained a foothold in the United States, according to hundreds of pages of documents.

Mexicans demand crackdown on Americans crossing the border
Protesters in Mexico have shut a US southern border crossing amid fears that untested American travelers will spread coronavirus.

Immigration chief on thin ice for adopting Obama’s stance during crisis
The head of Immigration and Customs Enforcement drew fire from Trump officials for saying he would focus on risky offenders during the coronavirus outbreak.


Today’s Action: Improve the COVID relief package – vote TODAY in the House


On Wednesday, the Senate passed a $2 trillion COVID-19 economic stabilization package (“CARES Act”), the largest in US history. The contents of this bill are a compromise, but a far sight better than the original GOP monstrosity.

It is vitally important our Representatives fight today to improve the CARES Act rather than simply rubber stamping as-is. Call or email your Representative THIS MORNING and urge them to commit to the following before passing the relief package:

    1. Require strict oversight on corporate bailouts to guarantee these funds don’t go to executive bonuses and stock buyback, ensuring companies retain their complete workforce, and only providing bailouts to companies that pay U.S. taxes (hint: most cruise lines don’t).
    2. Ensuring election security and voting access as more states go into stay-at-home orders. We must protect every American’s ability to easily cast their vote, without undue burden like Ohio’s current plan, in the remaining Democratic primaries and the many local and state elections when polling stations aren’t possible or safe.
    3. Universal sick leave for every single person in this country. The previous COVID bill left out millions of workers in sick leave coverage, leaving their fate up to the whims of corporations and financial needs of small businesses. It’s an unacceptable solution that will not flatten the curve the way we need to save lives. We need universal sick leave – period.
    4. Provide RECURRING cash assistance to ALL who pay into the economy, including immigrants. The current Senate bill provides a one-time-only payment of $1200 per adult…but certain areas are looking at a minimum of two months stay-at-home orders, meaning $1200 may not come close to helping cover lost wages and increased expenses. And, the plan only provides a payment for those with a social security number, despite the fact that many immigrants without SSN’s pay taxes and contribute heavily to the economy.
    5. Expand Medicaid funding and protect patients from surprise billing – because as-is, patients may still have to deal with shocking out-of-network price surges when accessing COVID-19 testing and treatment.

With the most expensive bill in modern history, we need to make sure $2 trillion doesn’t go straight into executive bonuses. Email or call (202.224.3121) your Representative THIS MORNING and ask them to make all five of these major changes to the CARES Act.

PS — Please don’t forget to sign the petition Make testing and treatment for coronavirus free to ensure containment!, and check out the brilliant “Don’t Think of an Elephant” by George Lakoff — a quick read that contains the ultimate keys for Democrats to win elections — and arguments.


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