Demand the White House give us the TRUTH about Trump’s health

After ten months of lying about COVID-19 and bullying all who have tried to fight it, Trump and about a dozen other high-up GOP officials have caught the virus. Frankly, it feels inevitable. And in true Trump fashion, they’re clearly not telling the full truth about it.

Sign here to demand the White House offers full transparency about Trump’s COVID-19 diagnosis and timeline.

The details surrounding Trump’s exposure, symptoms, and diagnosis seem to change by the hour. It’s a clear attempt to obfuscate the embarrassing, enraging details, including: 

  • Trump knew he had been exposed to and possibly diagnosed with COVID-19 but moved forward with donor events, endangering hundreds of people.
  • Trump and his entire team conveniently arrived too late to the presidential debate to be tested, potentially exposing Joe Biden and all involved.
  • Wildly conflicting reports about his condition now…even his doctors don’t seem to be telling the truth.

Trump’s health is our national security, and severely impacts the election. But the American people also deserve to know: after months of dismissing the lives of over 200,000 dead Americans, did his murderous indifference extend to personally spreading the virus?

Add your name to tell White House officials the American people deserve the TRUTH about the details surrounding Trump’s diagnosis and current condition.


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