Demand Trump resign – his extreme debt is a security risk!

Trump’s tax returns show he only paid taxes 10 out of the past 15 years – and 2016 and 2017 were only $750 each – because he reported losing more than he earned. And although the survey is still out on whether this more demonstrates Trump’s massive failures as a businessman or his incredible ability to scam our government (probably both), something else from these returns must be examined: his hundreds of millions of dollars of personal debt.

Debt is a security risk – and in fact, national security officials must undergo rigorous debt examination before they can work at the White House, because owing someone money means that someone has leverage over you.

Trump’s personal debt is a GIANT security risk to our nation. Add your name to demand his resignation!

So who does Trump owe? That’s the problem – we still don’t know. And what’s worse, countries, corporations, and individuals that own his debt have a literal Trump card for bribing our government to do exactly what they want done.

Many of Trump’s loans will come due within the next four years…and the odds of him remaining conflict-of-interest free when the bill arrives and he can’t pay? We’d say about one in 300 million.

Sign here to demand Trump’s resignation – his extreme debt makes him fodder for bribes and spies.


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