Turkey’s Erdogan threatens Trump over childish letter

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Today’s Top Stories:

Turkish President Erdogan says he “hasn’t forgotten” Trump’s juvenile letter and threatens to “do what is necessary” in response

Earlier this week, Trump’s childish letter was revealed. Now, Turkey has issued a disturbing response.

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VIDEO OF THE DAY: Fox judge schools Republicans complaining about impeachment

Andrew Napolitano humiliated his colleagues complaining about Trump’s impeachment process.

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Trump claims that “a million people were killed” under Obama admin in wild presser
“We’ve got the oil under control!” was only the tip of the iceberg of craziness on display in Friday morning’s press conference.

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Trump’s Syria “ceasefire” immediately breaks as Turkey launches airstrike, killing numerous civilians
Mere hours after Trump took credit for ending the bloodshed he unleashed, innocent lives were already being lost again.

Trump congratulates himself for saving lives as reports allege chemical weapon use by Turkish forces
The president has the nerve to call himself a hero while reports of horrifying atrocities continue to come from our betrayed Kurdish allies.

Republican ex-Governor of Ohio, which Trump won, comes out in favor of impeaching Trump
John Kasich says that after Trump’s chief of staff admitted quid pro quo yesterday, action must be taken.

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Democrats introduce ‘THUG Act’ to block funding for G-7 at Trump resort
The flagrant corruption will not go unanswered.

A secret recording reveals GOP fears that Texas state House could turn blue
Should Democrats flip the lower chamber, they’ll play a role in redrawing the state’s congressional and legislative maps.

State Department probe of Clinton emails finds no deliberate mishandling of classified information
Even as the Trump regime tries to distract from the president’s corruption, they could find no wrongdoing by his former foe.

To win Giuliani’s help, oligarch’s allies pursued Biden dirt
The relationship appears to violate numerous U.S. laws.


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