Twitter flags Trump tweet for ‘manipulated media’

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Trump is STILL keeping kids from their parents. Demand an end to cruel family separation NOW!


Today’s Top Stories:

Twitter flags Biden clip retweeted by Trump as “manipulated media”

The decpetive attack on Biden is the first to be identified as deliberately deceptive under Twitter’s new policy.

Take Action: Tell Facebook: Stop helping Trump spread lies in ads. False advertising is a crime!

VIDEO OF THE DAY: Ben Carson called out on air for putting Trump rallies ahead of American lives

HUD Secretary Carson get called out on Trump’s warped priorities.

Take Action: Fire Ben Carson for putting American lives in jeopardy!

Check out this week’s episode: The one Super Tuesday result that has trump terrified…no matter who the nominee is

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Trump cluelessly retweets meme of him fiddling while America burns with coronavirus
“Who knows what this means, but it sounds good to me!” the president commented to loud derision on social media.

White House hires another college senior for sensitive administration post
It’s the second such hiring by the new head of the powerful White House personnel office.

Take Action: Tell the Senate to reject Trump’s incompetent, unqualified nominee for National Intelligence chief!

Now-fired Director of National Intel warned Trump in 2019 of threat of massive pandemic deaths
Dan Coats’ “Worldwide Threat Assessment” warned the president about the massive rates of death and disability and the economic damage the next uncontrolled contagious disease would cause, to no avail.

Ben Carson draws a blank when asked about Trump’s plans for Coronavirus-infected cruise ship
The HUD Secretary may be a brain surgeon, but his evasive answers on ABC’s This Week did not demonstrate any confidence in the administration’s plans for the health crisis.

Election year is here!

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Trump overruled CDC advice to seniors to avoid flights during coronavirus outbreak
The president seemingly placed the financial health of airlines above the physical health of the elderly and medically vulnerable.

Donald Trump Jr. says he inherited ‘Tourette’s of the thumbs’ from his father
Donald Trump Jr. said in a recent interview that he has been told by his father to dial down some of his rhetoric on Twitter.

Take Action: Tell Alaska to rescind the grizzly bear hunting permit it gave Don Jr. No special favors for Trump’s family!

Ex-Ukraine ambassador on coronavirus: ‘Epidemics can’t be subdued by tweet’
Of all the examples Marie Yovanovitch gave to illustrate the need to empower diplomats to do their jobs, none was more timely than what she said about coronavirus.

Twitter puts ‘manipulated’ tag on edited Biden video retweeted by Trump
A tweet featuring edited footage of Biden that incorrectly made it appear as though he was endorsing Trump’s reelection has been labelled “manipulated media” by Twitter.

Trump’s mismanagement helped fuel coronavirus crisis
Current and former administration officials blame the president for creating a no-bad-news atmosphere that stifled attempts to combat the outbreak.


Today’s Action: Oppose Trump’s changes to desegregation policy

The landmark 1968 Fair Housing Act set standards for ending racial segregation across the nation. But as we know, laws do not always instantly equal results – so in 2015, President Obama implemented additional regulations to further the original goals.

Just as he has done with anything bearing Obama’s on, or anything that assists people of color in achieving economic equality, Trump is attempting to undo these rules.

Specifically, he wants to remove the requirement of cities to make of their own progress and barriers towards racial integration. Because, as Ben Carson, Secretary of Housing and Urban Development put it, it “costs a lot of money and man hours to do that analysis.”

Yeah…that’s not a good enough reason to shut down desegregation, Ben.

The public comment period closes March 16. Submit your comment to the Federal Register to OPPOSE the Housing and Urban Development Department’s proposed changes to the 2015 Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing regulations.

“There is an inextricable link between race, place and opportunity. The fact is that communities of color disproportionately do not have banks, do not have grocery stores, do not have basic infrastructure or equal access to municipal services and amenities like sewer lines and paved roads.” – Lisa Rice, president of National Fair Housing Alliance.

Racial integration does not happen without proactive attention from our federal government and local leadership working together. And segregation hurts absolutely everyone. Rolling back the 2015 regulations is not just an unacceptably racist and morally vacant move from the Trump Administration, but even an economically foolish one as well.

One final kicker: one of the proposed changes (ranking communities based on affordability and providing grants accordingly) will specifically hurt more diverse high-cost coastal communities while assisting in lower-cost areas. In other words, rewarding communities that vote for Trump and punishing those that do not. While we do not object to anyone gaining access to affordable housing, this move will neglect huge communities of people of color in major cities, even as it is couched under a law specifically meant to support them. And that is unbelievably gross.

Make a public comment with the Federal Register by March 16 to OPPOSE the Housing and Urban Development Department’s proposed changes to the 2015 Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing regulations.

PS — Please don’t forget to sign the petition to demand an end to cruel family separation NOW, and check out the brilliant “Don’t Think of an Elephant” by George Lakoff — a quick read that contains the ultimate keys for Democrats to win elections — and arguments.


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