Hold Florida Governor Ron DeSantis liable for his criminally negligent response to the pandemic!


Biden to announce ban on all Russian oil

Top Stories for March 8:

Ukraine expert Alexander Vindman shuts down Marjorie Taylor Greene for blaming Biden for Russian invasion

The star Trump impeachment witness set the record straight after yet another of Greene’s malicious outbursts.

Take Action: Sign the pledge to stand with Ukraine and boycott Russia!

Idaho House passes bill to punish librarians who allow kids to check out “harmful stuff”
What exactly that might mean is intentionally unclear. Fines or even jail time are in store for librarians who cross the Republican morality police.

Take Action: Tell the Biden team to fight GOP book-banning in schools!

Trump dealt serious blow by January 6 Committee lawyers

No Lie with Brian Tyler Cohen: Finally.

Florida’s surgeon general to tell parents to not vaccinate their kids
The anti-science, extremist Republican government is using their state’s children as pawns in a monstrous political stunt.

Take Action: Demand Ron DeSantis apologize for publicly bullying students over their masks!

Idaho House committee approves bill to ban gender-affirming surgery for trans kids, punishable by life in prison
Rep. Bruce Skaug took his bigoted crusade against trans teens to dystopian levels.

Kyiv rejects proposed Russian “humanitarian corridors” that only lead to Russian territory

“Small positive shifts” have been made in peace talks as Ukraine’s nightmare continues.

Sen. Ron Johnson vows to repeal Obamacare if GOP retakes power in 2024
The Wisconsin senator promised the Republican Party would “make good on what we’ve established as our priorities,” which apparently include stripping healthcare away from tens of millions of people.

Ron Johnson: Wisconsin doesn’t need jobs or child healthcare

OD Action partner: The Trump Republican is a disgrace, and his constituents know it. Now is the time to flip this seat blue, but we all need to do our part to get it done!

America opens diplomacy with Venezuela in effort to pry away Russian ally
American officials made a surprise and welcome olive branch visit to the South American nation as the US considers lifting sanctions currently crippling the Venezuelan economy in a bid to further isolate Russia.

Former Tennessee cop strikes deal to avoid jail time, sex offender status for raping 14-year-old multiple times
Yet another police officer walks scot-free after committing heinous crimes.

One teen dead, two wounded in Des Moines high school shooting
The slaughter of American schoolkids continues at a heartbreaking pace.


American dystopia

Oh my god, shut up


Today’s Action: Pass the Freedom to Vote Act!

During the State of the Union, President Biden reiterated his call for the passage of critical voting rights legislation. In a statement released by the White House, Biden said “The battle for the soul of America has many fronts. The right to vote is the most fundamental.” The renewed call to action comes just in time for the 57th anniversary of Bloody Sunday, when state troopers violently ambushed 600 peaceful demonstrators marching in Selma, Alabama, for equal voting rights. Even today — nearly six decades later — we still have Republicans and conservatives across the country attacking and suppressing marginalized voters.

The Freedom to Vote Act builds on the For the People Act to deliver critical voting measures and redistricting provisions that are absolutely necessary for our future elections, especially since Republicans in states like Texas are already working overtime to gerrymander their way into staying in power. The closer we get to midterms, the more imperative securing the right to vote for all becomes.

Call (202.224.3121) or write your members of Congress and demand an end to the filibuster and the passage of the Freedom to Vote Act! 

All across the nation, conservative state legislatures have been passing anti-voter laws that will greatly affect their most marginalized constituents’ right to vote. The Senate must pass critical protections immediately to ensure our right to free and fair elections. If doing so requires abolishing arcane filibuster rules currently in place, then so be it.

We need to flood senators with demands for the passage of the Freedom to Vote Act today. Remind them that without federal voting protections, millions of peoples’ ability to vote will be jeopardized, along with the health and integrity of our democracy.

Call (202.224.3121) or write your members of Congress to tell them to eliminate the filibuster and advance the Freedom to Vote act!

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