US Special Forces soldier: ‘I am ashamed’ of Trump’s betrayal

Demand Trump end his latest scheme to sabotage Obamacare in court!


Today’s Top Stories:

U.S. Special Forces soldier reacts to Trump Kurd betrayal: “I am ashamed for the first time in my career.”

An American soldier in Syria spoke to a Fox News reporter, detailing the Turkish “atrocities” already unfolding.

Take Action: Tell the Senate to revoke Trump’s authority to wage war unilaterally!

Crowd erupts in laughter as Biden lands brilliant blow against Giuliani
The former VP got the audience rolling as he defended himself against absurd charges from the corrupt president.

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Trump leaves press stunned after wild remarks on Syria, slain veterans, and Obama light bulbs
Trump followed up his 24 tweet morning with an incendiary press conference that quickly went off the rails.

Trump allegedly ordered Tillerson to illegally halt investigation of Turkish Giuliani client
The president reportedly pressured his then-Secretary of State to intervene in a Justice Department criminal probe of his pal’s foreign client.

Take Action: Tell prosecutors to charge Trump with obstruction of justice.

Trump frantically rattles off a stunning 23 defensive tweets ranging from impeachment to Obama
A cornered Trump lashed out like a wounded animal in a digital display of desperation.

Civilians are already dying in Trump-enabled Turkish attack on Kurds, thousands more fleeing
The president’s shocking decision to betray our Kurdish allies is turning into a humanitarian disaster at terrifying speed.

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Read the whistleblower’s memo about Trump’s Ukraine call, as described to CBS News
As Trump’s defense implodes, the whistleblower’s credibility continues to strengthen.

Take Action: Tell Congress to protect the whistleblower and hold Trump accountable for threatening his safety.

Trump says the Turkish attack on the Kurds that he enabled is a “bad idea”
As innocent people begin to die, the president’s incredibly tepid remarks make it clear exactly how little he really cares.

New book alleges Trump hid behind a tapestry at Mar-a-Lago in early 2000s so he could grope a woman
The accusation is just one of 26 new allegations of unwanted sexual contact committed by the president.

Tens of thousands of ISIS prisoners on verge of escape as Trump abdicates responsibility
Trump made it clear he wants our European allies to clean up the mess he’s made.

Trump considers weakening Obama rules that curbed corporations hiding money overseas
The move would be the latest Republican gift to the super wealthy at the expense of everyone else.


Today’s Action: Urge your state to boost abortion access

June Medical Services vs. Rebekah Gee, a Louisiana abortion rights case, is headed to the Supreme Court. The question at hand is nearly identical to a Texas case which hit SCOTUS three years ago; at that time, the court voted 5-3 to uphold abortion access and strike down the Texas law. Though the case is the same, the Justices have changed.

The Louisiana law is a GOP attempt to strip abortion access, not by attacking Roe v. Wade itself, but rather by stripping away Roe’s surrounding judicial protections…and Trump’s two appointments, Neil “stolen seat” Gorsuch and Brett “credibly accused” Kavanaugh, may not uphold the previous ruling despite stare decisis (a principal for respecting prior rulings to maintain the integrity of the court).

We cannot depend on the courts to uphold womens’ right to choose, and particularly not under Trump’s current toxic administration. Which is why we won’t wait for the outcome of June Medical Services vs. Rebekah Gee to fight it, and all that it represents.

  1. Check your state’s abortion access score. Then, call or email your state representatives and your governor and demand they prioritize strengthening and expanding abortion access at the state level, so that no woman faces undue burden in her right to choose.
  2. Next, check out Planned Parenthood’s upcoming events (some of them are virtual, no matter where you live) or host your own.
  3. Help women safely access their right to choose by volunteering as a clinic escort, walking women across picket lines of anti-choice protestors to receive the care they need. Visit the National Abortion Federation and the Abortion Care Network for lists of clinics near you, and call them to inquire about their needs.

With a right-leaning SCOTUS, we can’t expect any outcome that upholds justice or women’s rights to control their own bodies. That’s why action must happen at the state and local level to stop harmful legislation from passing in the first place…and at the individual level, to help in ways that even legislation can’t control.

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PS — Please don’t forget to sign the petition calling on Trump to end his latest scheme to sabotage Obamacare in court, and check out the brilliant “Don’t Think of an Elephant” by George Lakoff — a quick read that contains the ultimate keys for Democrats to win elections — and arguments.


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