US to FINALLY punish Russia for election interference

Hold killer cops accountable. End qualified immunity!


Top Stories for April 15:

US poised to impose sanctions on Russia for cyber-attacks

In a call with Vladimir Putin on Tuesday, President Biden said the US would “act firmly” in defence of its national interests after four years of bowing to the Russian tyrant.

Take Action: Charge Rudy Giuliani for conspiring with Russia to steal the 2020 election for Trump!

VIDEO OF THE DAY: Republican humiliated when he confusedly thinks nominee’s satirical op-ed is real

The Texas senator tried a racist gotcha question on the Biden nominee, and it blew up in his face.

Bombshell update on Manchin’s position on filibuster

No Lie with Brian Tyler Cohen: Wow.

Ex-cop charged with second-degree manslaughter in killing of Daunte Wright
Kim Potter insists that killing the 20-year-old father was an honest mistake, but she cannot explain why she pulled a weapon on a Black man pulled over for air fresheners.

Biden tor restore Obama-era fair housing rules that Trump gutted
The effort comes after President Joe Biden signed a flurry of executive orders aimed at racial equity. They included efforts to examine and reverse actions taken by the Trump administration that undermined fair housing principles.

Take Action: Tell Congress that we need Medicare for All!

Trump insurgent jailed after trying to flee to Switzerland
Jeffrey Sabol allegedly beat police officers who were trying to help injured rioters during the MAGA insurrection on the Capitol.

“It’s a f*cking nightmare!” Republican aides whine about how Biden is running the tables on them

Republicans are having a very hard time adjusting to life in the minority, and they cannot stop whining about it!

No charges for Capitol Police officer who shot and killed Trump insurgent in MAGA siege
The slain MAGA rioter, Air Force veteran Ashli Babbitt, was violently trying to overthrow the government.

Democrats to introduce bill to expand Supreme Court from 9 to 13 justices
President Joe Biden announced the formation of a commission last week to study the court’s structure, including the number of justices and their length of service.

Take Action: Add your name to tell Congress to make DC the 51st state!

Tom Cotton throws fit after Durbin won’t let him talk over Biden nom
The Republican senator’s rudeness towards a Black woman was not allowed to go unchallenged — and he didn’t like that one bit.

Ex-cop who stopped fellow officer’s chokehold wins lawsuit, will get pension
She was fired for saving a life, and justice is finally being served.



Yes. Seriously.


Today’s Action: We don’t stop until we have the For The People Act!

Georgia Republicans have signed into law the most repressive and racist voter suppression policies in more than half a century. The measures are a targeted attack to undermine Black voters but will also impact ALL Georgia voters. And similar laws are being considered in dozens of other states, including Florida and Texas, aimed at suppressing voters of color.

This is our one shot. If Congress doesn’t pass widespread voter protections right now, our next round of elections may include more roadblocks to voting than we’ve seen in decades…and rest assured those roadblocks will impact Democrats far more than Republicans.

Even if your Senators already support the For The People Act (and every Democratic Senator has, except Joe Manchin), it’s vital that you keep the pressure on. We have to convey the urgency this issue deserves, so that Democrats find a way to get it passed no matter what (including abolishing the Jim Crow filibuster).

Go to your Senators’ top donors and demand their support for the For The People Act of 2021 (H.R.1/S.1)! Ask them to make a public statement, directed at your Senator!

  1. Go to Open Secrets and enter your Senator’s name
  2. Scroll down to “Top Contributors 2015-2020”
  3. Choose one of your Senator’s top donors – bonus points if you’re an actual customer or client of that business.
  4. Contact them publicly on social media, list the donation amount, and tag your Senator in the message – or call the corporation directly. Ask them if they will stand up for democracy and voters of color by publicly supporting the For The People Act and the politicians who pass it.

Every future election depends on passing the For The People Act. Take action today like your democracy depends on it – because it does.

PS — Please don’t forget to sign the petition to end qualified immunity, and be sure to follow OD Action on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.


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