Demand Paul Gosar be expelled from Congress for falsely blaming a trans person for the Uvalde massacre!


Top Stories for May 28:

Uvalde official admits delay in breaching classroom during Texas school shooting was “wrong decision”

Law enforcement admitted their deadly mistake — but still aren’t giving us anything even close to the full story.

Take Action: Fire the Uvalde police who stood around for 40 minutes while children were dying!

VIDEO OF THE DAY: Georgia Republican Senate nominee Herschel Walker humiliates himself on air with unintelligible response

Asked about mass shootings, the GOP candidate unleashed a spew of words with nary a coherent thought in sight.

Republicans are all too happy to let their hypocrisy distract from climate crisis they are feeding and profiting from

EDF Action: The Environmental Defense Fund is working overtime to call out Republicans’ threat to the planet and force meaningful action before it’s too late. Chip in to help them get the job done!

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott claims to be “livid” about being “misled” on police response to Uvalde shooting
The far-right politician was grilled about why he shared incorrect information in the aftermath of the shooting when he incorrectly hailed coward cops as heroes.

Police suspect arson in fire at Wyoming abortion clinic site
The war on a woman’s right to choose is entering an even more dangerous stage.

Take Action: Tell Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski: Losing Roe is YOUR fault — do something about it!

Trump delivers disgusting speech at NRA convention in the wake of the Uvalde shooting

The disgraced former president attacked the very idea of gun safety and had the gall to read off the names of the deceased while a cartoonish bell sounded.

New York teachers put on leave for offensive and racist text messages
Placed on leave seems generous, firing seems far more appropriate.

Take Action: Protect children online from the social media that poisons their brains!

Republicans pull VILE stunt over baby formula shortage

No Lie with Brian Tyler Cohen: Unreal.

Judge dismisses Trump federal lawsuit against New York AG Letitia James over her probe of business
The disgraced former president just can’t stop losing.

3 high school graduations across the U.S. end with gunfire in less than 24 hours
First world problems.

Uvalde student called 911 multiple times during shooting begging for police to come help
The kids did everything asked of them. Their leaders failed then. Police failed them.

NRA concert cancelled as artists pull out
It’s tough to play with blood on your hands.


Red, red, red, red, red, red, white, and blue

What in the world?


Today’s Action: Pass federal abortion protections now!

On Wednesday, Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt signed into law the strictest anti-abortion legislation in the country — effectively banning all abortions starting at fertilization. It’s one of the many laws across the nation that twist around the courts to prevent abortion, despite long-established legal assurances guaranteed by Roe v. Wade. Oklahoma isn’t the only state inspired by this month’s infamous Supreme Court majority opinion draft leak; just 48 hours after its release Louisiana conservatives began discussing how to contort abortion into homicide.

It’s clear that Republicans are more motivated than ever to rip away the right to choose from their constituents — willing and eager to force unwanted pregnancy onto everyone, including survivors of sexual abuse, under the threat of felony charges. It’s downright cruel. Regardless of what conservative-led states would like to be true, America is not a theocracy. Over 60% of Americans support legal abortion access. A legislator’s job is not to play God, it’s to serve their communities. Overturning Roe v. Wade sets an extremely dangerous precedent for the treatment of anyone who isn’t a straight, religious, white, cisgender male.

Call (202-224-3121) or write your members of Congress and demand they codify Roe v. Wade immediately!

It has never been more crucial to join the fight. Whether it’s donating to a local abortion fund, finding a rally, or writing your members of Congress, your voice is needed in the struggle for federally protected abortion rights. You can find a comprehensive list of abortion funds to donate to here; states with conservative legislatures — Kentucky, Ohio, Alabama, Texas, and Louisiana, in particular — are in dire need of support in the face of unrelenting attacks on women’s healthcare.

No matter what the Supreme Court and Republican-dominated state legislatures are doing to restrict women’s access to reproductive care, you can still currently receive abortion aid via mail in all 50 states, and financial aid is available if you cannot afford your care. While acquiring and using abortion pills may come with legal risk, widespread access to such resources is crucial for women under attack from crusading conservatives. Until a final decision is handed down by the Supreme Court, abortion is still a legal right.

Call (202-224-3121) or write your members of Congress to tell them to codify Roe v. Wade before the Supreme Court guts a woman’s right to choose!


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