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Top Stories for September 28:

“Shoot to kill”: Trump ally Roger Stone calls for deadly violence in chilling video

“Fuck the voting, let’s get right to the violence,” Trump’s long-time adviser told a documentary filmmaker the day before the 2020 general election. “Shoot to kill. See an antifa? Shoot to kill. Fuck ’em. Done with this bullshit.” Just one of the disgraced ex-president’s “best people” calling for civil war and the destruction of American democracy. Lock him up!

Take Action: Charge the Trump supporters who compromised ballot machines!

VIDEO OF THE DAY: Top Texas Republican caught pulling humiliating stunt

Texas’ criminal Attorney General was served with a subpoena — and responded in the most Republican way possible.

Take Action: Tell “Dank Brandon” to decriminalize marijuana at the federal level!

Top prosecutor offers bad news for Trump

No Lie with Brian Tyler Cohen: Whoa.

States are forcing women to reveal their sexual histories in order to receive welfare and are seizing child support payments to pay for that welfare
In a horrifying encapsulation of the cruelty with which our nation treats its poor, ProPublica has learned that states are forcing women to make deeply personal revelations in order to be eligible for welfare and then appropriating the money that is supposed to be going to those women for child support — to the tune of $1.7 BILLION in 2020.

Take Action: Demand Congress stop the crisis in public schools

In 2019, Doug Mastriano said women who violated proposed abortion ban should be charged with murder
This kind of appalling extremism is par for the course for the GOP’s nominee for Pennsylvania governor, and a grim reminder of what awaits us if we don’t defeat Republicans up and down the ballot this November.

Take Action: Call on the Democratic Party to stop working with corporate mercenary firms!

Affidavits: 2 more pregnant minors who were raped were denied Ohio abortions
The evidence presented against Ohio’s draconian abortion law include two more teen rape victims who were denied abortion, two women with cancer who couldn’t get an abortion OR cancer treatment, and three women whose fetuses had such severe abnormalities that a successful pregnancy was impossible.

Gadsden County commissioner appointed by Gov. DeSantis resigns after KKK costume photo emerges

Somehow, certainly out of sheer coincidence, the man that virulent neofascist Ron DeSantis appointed to be commissioner of Florida’s only predominantly Black county seems to have a fondness for the Ku Klux Klan. What are the odds?

Everything we’ve worked so hard for is in reach!

OD Action partner: A national right to an abortion. Protections for same-sex marriages. The expanded child tax credits that helped lift so many kids out of poverty. Legal marijuana and criminal justice reform. Student debt relief. Green jobs and policies that confront climate change head-on. All of this could become reality if we can add just a few more seats to our Senate majority! Can you support United Rural Democrats’ efforts to win key Senate races in the Midwest and guide our nation to a brighter future?

Alabama GOP chair’s family refused to get a voter ID because it’s the “mark of the beast”
Certainly did not think we’d have “incapable of voting because biometric photographs are a numerical representation of a man’s soul and therefore anathem to deep south Anabaptist weirdos” on our Republican Bingo card for the month, but here we are.

Police respond to Amber Alert, abducted teen ends up shot to death
A fifteen-year-old girl abducted by her father was killed in a shootout with police officers. While the police account of what happened is infuriatingly vague, we can read between the lines when police say she began running toward them and “fell to the ground amid the gunfire” and they didn’t “recognize her” because she was wearing a protective vest and helmet.

McConnell supports bipartisan bill to reform Electoral Count Act
The Republican Minority leader will back efforts to make it harder for Trump and his cronies to subvert the election — but let’s be clear, it’s not out of any concern for our democracy. McConnell just wants to retake control of the GOP back from Trump.

Senate advances funding bill after Manchin punts his energy plan
The Senate easily advanced a short-term government funding bill on Tuesday after Joe Manchin conceded defeat on his push to combine the funding fix with his energy permitting package. Bye bye!


Actions, meet consequences

What in the world?


Today’s Action: Get out the vote for Democratic candidate John Fetterman!

John Fetterman is running as the Democratic candidate for the most flippable U.S. Senate seat in the country, and we need all hands on deck across the country to secure the Pennsylvania seat. Fetterman served 13 years as the mayor of Braddock, where he passionately served the people of his community. He has long been a dedicated progressive, even going so far as to officiate one of the first same-sex marriages in Pennsylvania when the state laws continued to push antiquated and discriminatory policies.

The margin of error for keeping the House and Senate in Democratic hands is far too thin for comfort — but there’s plenty of ways we can take action to ensure we keep power. Fetterman’s potential seat is an incredibly important one, so even if you aren’t in his district, text and phone banking is crucial. You don’t have to be a seasoned professional, just be ready to do your part!

Our Revolution is hosting phone banks for John Fetterman’s seat EVERY WEDNESDAY from 6:30-8:30 PM EDT until early November. If you can make it out to just one, the voters you reach could mean the difference between a red and blue seat. 

It doesn’t have to stop at Fetterman. There are progressives all across the country that need your help getting out the vote, and you can filter through virtual phone and text banking events through Mobilize. So many things are on the line this election — reproductive rights, LGBTQ+ rights, gun safety initiatives, everything we’ve worked so long and so hard for! It’s never been more important to get out the vote and fight for our rights, so don’t waste a minute!


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