Pledge to Vote Democrat!

Trump won the presidency in 2016 thanks to just 80,000 votes in three swing states, giving him the key electoral points needed to win despite losing the popular vote. This year may be just as tight in the electoral college – but we need the opposite outcome.

And this election isn’t just about ousting Trump. We need a sweeping Democratic victory this year to overcome the damage Trump and the GOP have done the past four years. We’ve got to flip the Senate, maintain the House, and overturn voter suppression and gerrymandering by voting in Democrats at the state level. 

Add your name to pledge to vote Democrat up and down the ballot this November!

From a national pandemic strategy to proactive climate change policy, to placing fair-minded judges on the courts and passing hate-crime legislation, to combating voter suppression and valuing immigrant contribution to our nation, Joe Biden has plans that we support. 

Meanwhile, the GOP is emboldened by Trump’s lawlessness and they’re cooking up a sequel that’s even bigger and badder than we’ve experienced thus far.

Do your part to ensure they don’t get that sequel made.

Sign here to pledge your Democratic vote at the federal, state, and local level this November.


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