DEMAND Romney oppose a new Supreme Court Justice before the Election >>

Utah GOP Senator Mitt Romney has been vocal about his distaste for President Trump – he has endorsed Joe Biden for president.

Despite that, Romney announced his intention to support the Senate moving forward on a historically short Supreme Court Justice confirmation process, ramming Trump’s SCOTUS nominee literally days before the election. 

Add your name to demand Mitt Romney vote against any Trump Supreme Court Justice nomination.

Any Trump SCOTUS choice will embody Trump’s worst sensibilities – which Romney has been so public in opposing. If Romney wants to support Joe Biden for president, he MUST also support Biden’s pick for Supreme Court as well.

Defeating Trump means defeating his extreme-right judges. Period. What do you stand for, Mitt?

Sign here to tell Mitt Romney that supporting Trump’s judges is the same as supporting Trump – which he doesn’t. Vote no on Trump’s SCOTUS pick.


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