Charge Trump’s “poll watchers” with voter intimidation!

For months, Trump has been encouraging his followers to go to the polls – not just to vote – but to “watch” for voter fraud. The intention and result of this call to action is playing out exactly as he intended: both campaign-trained and self-appointed vigilantes practicing voter intimidation at polls across the country.

Armed pro-Trump demonstrators outside a polling place in Ohio. A private security company recruiting former military members to send to the polls in Michigan. Voters getting filmed and photographed dropping off their ballots in Pennsylvania. 

Add your name to tell District and State Attorneys to charge Trump supporters for illegal voter intimidation tactics at polling stations!

Trump’s poll-watching recruitment program is called “Army for Trump,” which is “fighting for reelection.” He told the white supremacist group Proud Boys to “stand back and stand by” during the first nationally televised presidential debate. He included the infamous St. Louis couple who pointed guns at peaceful Black Lives Matter protesters in the Republican National Convention.

Trump’s instructions are clear: fear-tactics and threats of violence against those who dare to vote against him. And it’s illegal.

Sign here to demand Trump supporters are charged for illegal voter intimidation by District and State Attorneys.


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